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Wasabi? for Vista Basic

By psycoB
For Windows Vista Basic

[v1.9] UPDATE Oct 20, 07
fixed the start button image
new BreadcrumbBar hot text color

include: 4 font type
Segoe UI

original theme for XP by lassekongo83
XP theme download to here
thanks to lassekongo83 for giving me permission


Visual Style selection tool for Windows Vista 32bit
StyleSelector(freeware) Website English
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Great theme. U can update for Win 7? Thanks...
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Nice and compact :) I'd love a version with a darker title bar.
I think this theme would look much better with the following customization:

Active Title Bar: Font = Segoe UI, 9, Bold

Can you please do this modification if you think it's worth it? If not, please tell me how can I modify it myself, in order to remain this way even after a windows reboot.

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..Very, VERY impressed.

Keep up the good work!
Theres also a bug in the start menu when it's vertical. The tray area where the clock is has a larger white bar than the rest of the taskbar. It looks very odd.

I also find the taskbar fonts way too small.
I like this style I just wish the colour scheme was similar to the "Windows Standard" grey&blues.
I really like your work man :) i have Vista home premium and i tried to put one of your themes and i cant :( i don't know what uxtheme patch i need and after i installed one windows couldnt log in and almost had to reset all my computer. I have made some themes work with vista glazz but i dont know if yours work with that, can you help me?
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Great job!! Best theme i ever seen! :drol:

I like it ... thanks
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Okay, somehow Ive bugged it so its in Aero mode xD
My windows have glass boarders, but the taskbar and everything else is displaying as the skin intended.
I love this VS so much :)
looks great but the start menu image gets messed up when the toolbar is at the top of the screen!
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logout of windows and log back in or reset explorer.
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thank you for this! please give answer to my notes.
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Hmm, I didn't notice this until now, but there seems to be a small 1px vertical space missing on the startbutton. :D
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I fixed it.:D
Thanks for the find.:worship:
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I'm going to check it.
Thank you.:)
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great theme. nice and simple... anyways, just a question: how do you port themes to vista?
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i'd like to know that too. there are a few xp visual styles i'd like to modify, with permission of course. i've been looking for an answer here and google, but nada so far.
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Great stuff. Very good job porting this theme.

I'd love to see some more of lassekongo83's themes ported. It's awesome seeing a stylish theme like this on my vista machine.
Does this work under Vista Business, or what's the difference on themes? I've applied the uxtheme patch, but how do I install the theme?
Sorry. I didn't get that it meant Basic as oppose to Aero. Also, I figured out how to install the theme. Nice one, but I prefer SlanXP 2 :)
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