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SlanXP Edition3 for VistaBasic

For Windows Vista Basic

include: 3 font type
Segoe UI

original theme for XP by lassekongo83
XP theme download to here
thanks to lassekongo83 for giving me permission

Visual Style selection tool for Windows Vista 32bit
StyleSelector(freeware) Website English
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any chance of a version with large buttons (minimize, restore and close)??

also, aero integration would be nice. unfortunately my other machine still runs vista though the windows 7 port is lovely
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a thousand thanks! perfection.
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Awesome theme Featured it on my blog [link]

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Nice work on the port!!

Hey pscyoB, just wondering if you have any intention on working on porting SlanXP 3 to Windows 7, it would be greatly appreciated or if anyone knew how to run it, or would decide to port it.

Thanks again for the nice work!!
is there any chance for this to work on win7? im about to switch and i just cant imagine using any other theme...
Hey, can you please get permission to use the SlanXP 2.0 theme and make it for Windows Vista? Thanks from Blake
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this is awesome, here's help for anyone having trouble:
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Really nice skin, but something annoys me: The [+] and [-] controls don't show up on the nodes in tree controls. Am I the only one experiencing this?
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How do you download Style Selector
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do you think you can convert it to work for windows 7?
I am Wishing this worked in windows 7.
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I'd also love a Windows 7 version!
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when i go to themes i dont see anything!!!
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Hi there, great theme! Love it.

I was wondering, after clicking the download button of the style selector download, it goes to a page with 2 buttons but i can't read the language. Nothing happens from there on. Any help? :)
i have been using this theme for a few months. I like that there are some really nice themes without aero :)
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StyleSelector doesn't work with Vista 64x?!
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Great port. SlanXP is my all-time favorite and now I can have it on Vista.
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it gives me graphical problems. it gives lag when you drag windows around leaving trails of the window behind it. it doesnt happen on any other theme. anyone else suffering from this. its a shame cus its an awesome theme.
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Having the same problems.
Same problem here - just turn off "Show window contents while dragging". Not the best solution, but works. Also, sometimes my display turns a solid color and I need to put the computer to sleep and wake up to fix the display - very odd.

Still one of my favorite visual styles...
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i've been looking for something that not only looks great but is simple with no extra add-ins (take-outs) and this is it. thank you =D
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It looks great. I'm so amazed at a vista theme that finally works nicely.

Only gripe I have is the inner parts of any folder window is all "classic" looking. :-/
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