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Royale for Vista Basic

By psycoB
Royale For Windows Vista Basic

include: 3 font
Royale_Segoe UI

Visual Style selection tool for Windows Vista 32bit
StyleSelector(freeware) Website English
© 2007 - 2021 psycoB
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Lacz-Producciones's avatar
It's nice but you know a spanish version theme??
Lacz-Producciones's avatar
My favorite xp theme on vista?? I'm testing
MyArT-at-bEsT's avatar
would this work on vista home premium?
RebeccaStrange's avatar
Ok How do I install this theme?? I added the theme patch, but whenever I dbl-click the included .msstyle files it opens up my appearance setting dialog but there are no new entries to choose from., Any help would be appreciated.
Synergiance's avatar
If only it was out sooner
Wstv-News-23's avatar
Sooner than 3 years ago? vista only came out 4...
Synergiance's avatar
when I was using it in beta my computer could only support basic XD
Hehl's avatar
i know that this is a kinda old submission, but could you possibly make one in "tahoma" font, too? thanks
pepi55's avatar
*sigh* reminds me too much of my good 'ol Win XP
Morzha's avatar
Best one I've seen.
xXPainWarriorXx's avatar
anybody has a xp browseui ? for vista.
matthewlowery's avatar
one problem. The start button sory of hovers half way above the taskbar. But otherwise, an amazing piece of work!
Nice work ;) This Desktop image name is Peace :) Good job PsycoB
very bad... virus warning... trojan...
hey, can you put it in aero?
Sephiroth121's avatar
I managed to use it in aero, and all it was was the regular aero with GIANT min/max/close buttons. It's really ugly. :|
KsbjA's avatar
Amazing! Just what I was looking for!
i can not get an XP theme on vista and its drivin me crazy!!!
J-Cutter's avatar
Brilliant. Luna was a great step forward in UI Design, and with this skin, you've managed to improve my (Non Aero certified) Vista experience. Full Marks.
Just great! only a minor problem when you have to bars of programs in your taskbar and you mouseover the small arrows it renders it as black square. Otherwise awesome theme
Satukoro's avatar
Faved it! ty for your amazing work
For all people who hve not yet resolved the start bar error, all you have to do, is unlock the taskbar, move the taskbar to the left, then drag it back down to the center, and lock it.
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