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CamouflageFinal for VistaBasic



For Windows Vista Basic

No.007 1px Segoe UI
No.007 4px Segoe UI
No.018 1px Segoe UI
No.018 4px Segoe UI
No.043 1px Segoe UI
No.043 4px Segoe UI
No.057 1px Segoe UI
No.057 4px Segoe UI
No.065 1px Segoe UI
No.065 4px Segoe UI
No.082 1px Segoe UI
No.082 4px Segoe UI

original theme for XP by sam08245
XP theme download to here
thanks to sam08245 for giving me permission

Visual Style selection tool for Windows Vista 32bit
StyleSelector(freeware) Website English
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Nice job. Don't suppose you feel like making a port for the other versions of Vista? Not all of them but at least maybe the top, right hand green one?