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Hyrule Map by psyco-chick28 Hyrule Map :iconpsyco-chick28:psyco-chick28 0 0 The Kingdom of Llewyll-Aurelia by psyco-chick28 The Kingdom of Llewyll-Aurelia :iconpsyco-chick28:psyco-chick28 0 0
Hope and Devotion Chapter 14
Chapter 14
Ashe began to wake blinking at the bright light in the room. Rasler smiled briefly and leaned in closer to her. "So you're up again?"
"I guess so."
"How do you feel?" He placed a hand on hers.
Ashe took in a deep breath. "Tired, drained, incredibly weak, and in pain, also worried and so many other things it's difficult to put into words."
"I'm sorry; I can't do anything about it."
She shook her head slightly, "No just being here waiting for me is more than enough." She glanced at the tray of food set on the bedside table. "I guess they want me to eat; not that I want to."
Rasler handed her the tray, and set it on her lap. "I went to fetch some clothes for us and told Vossler what happened. Not the whole story but part I assume he'll pick up the details that precipitated the riot in time." Knowing Vossler's temperament, it would also be for the best.
"You mean how some of his men were involved in the riot." She nibbled on the dry toast.
He nodded, watching her finish her brea
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Adeline by psyco-chick28 Adeline :iconpsyco-chick28:psyco-chick28 1 0 Zelda for ~Link-Reborn by psyco-chick28 Zelda for ~Link-Reborn :iconpsyco-chick28:psyco-chick28 3 2 Adeline by psyco-chick28 Adeline :iconpsyco-chick28:psyco-chick28 1 3 addie, pixel art by psyco-chick28 addie, pixel art :iconpsyco-chick28:psyco-chick28 3 0
Hope and Devotion Chapter 13
Chapter 13
"Now push." The doctor commanded.
The bones in Rasler's hand felt as if they were being crushed by Ashe's vice like grip, but he stayed quiet despite the pain for her sake.
She grunted, and stopped suddenly to catch her breath. "I-I can't, it's too much." Her breaths came in quick pants, and her grip on his hand weakened as she fell back onto the bed unconscious.
"Get the blood, anesthetics, and move that cart over." He shouted to the nurses.
Rasler held on to Ashe, while the rest of the room exploded in a flurry of activity. One nurse wheeled in a cart while another one, prepared a bag of what only could be blood, and then stuck a needle of it into her arm.
He looked down at her losing track of what was happening around him. Seeing the needles, scalpels, and other instruments, made his stomach churn with anxiety, and fear for her life. He watched her chest rise and fall with each breath avoiding the doctors and nurses, as they went on in the procedure. His eyes closed, and
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Hope and Devotion Chapter 12
Chapter 12
Author's note: Sorry for taking so long to put this chapter out, school is taking over my life!
"And now, you have to get me those sweets you promised me." Ashe said as she and Rasler stepped out of the restaurant where they ate supper. It was a rather nice and romantic place, but the cost required them to save the money for the meal. In truth it was a special night, and one worthy of celebration. Had they still lived in the palace, a private party would be thrown to celebrate their first year as a married couple, and another in honor of her pregnancy.
"Of course." He held her hand, lacing his finger between hers.
"After that, I have a surprise for you." She giggled and leaned her head against his shoulder. They walked hand in hand through the streets of Rabanstre.
Rasler cocked an eyebrow. "Oh do you?"
"Yes, but you just have to wait. It's something that I'm sure you'll enjoy." She grabbed the top of his pants teasingly.
The city streets were still buzzing with activity wel
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Hope and Devotion Chapter 11
Author's notes: Another chapter up! I don't have much to say, except this chapter is on the cute side. Thank you all for your reviews and comments.
Ashe wandered through the streets of Rabanastre, the members of the resistance following her, so that Vossler would not scold her later. Her own husband did not mind her going off on her own; it was only Vossler, and other members of the resistance, who treated her like that. It was supposedly in her best interests, but part of her felt that they were treating her like that simply because she was a woman, and a royal. They probably thought of her as weak and incapable when in truth it was quite to opposite,
She closed bit her eyes for a brief moment and placed her hand on her stomach. She was now ten weeks along, and her waist was now thicker and bosom fuller, not overtly so, but she had to buckle her belt on the larger hole, and her clothing was a tighter.
Now that she was expecting, she felt closer to Rasler. Perhaps it was because they w
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Mature content
Fallen :iconpsyco-chick28:psyco-chick28 0 0
Hope and Devotion Chapter 10
Author's notes: Well, here I am back with another chapter. Thank you all for reviewing and faving and subscribing. Thanks to Arsenic Cupcakes for beta-ing this, and making it about 10x more readable. I'll be uploading the edited versions of the earlier chapters. Ahh, yes to answer both your questions, Michael Moore, she will conceive, but things aren't going to be so straightforward. That's all I can say without spoiling the next few chapters. I planned everything out before writing.
Chapter 10: Hope Shall Bring Happiness.
"Ah, so you made breakfast?" Rasler took his seat at the table across from Ashe. "Finally making yourself useful, I see."
She frowned and set down a basket of bread. "What do you mean by that?"
"You've been refusing me, Ashelia. It's been over two weeks, and every night you find some way to excuse yourself. You hardly touch me or even speak to me. I'm not stupid." He grabbed a piece of bread, and threw it on his plate.
She looked down at her skirt, "I—you wouldn
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Hope and Devotion Chapter 9
Author's notes: Stared school again and stuff, you know what that means. Thank you all for the reviews, favorites, and subscriptions, it means so much to me. Anyway, Zombie by The Cranberries fits this and the last chapter so well.
Chapter Nine:
"This can't be happening." Ashe whispered shaking her head, "there's just no way. He betrayed us. Father is gone, and my own uncle… He was all that I had left."
Rasler held on to his wife, stroking her back, while she clung to him. He stayed quiet.
"All we have is each other, right? And Vossler?" She wiped the tears from her eyes with her sleeve. Everything just seemed pile one on top of the other, there seemed to be no end to the bad news she received since the war started. Were all wars like this? She certainly hoped not, she could not bear the thought of having another war.
"Exactly." He reached out her hand and held tightly. It felt like he would never let go. "When he comes for us we shall make a plan, to restore our thrones and our c
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Hope and Devotion Chapter 8
Author's notes: It's out finally; this one's longer than usual, because that was the best place to end it. This would've been out faster had I not gone a vacation, to Disney World. I got addicted to pin trading, traded some sweet pins, and saw a lot of parades.
Thank you for the reviews guys, you're all too awesome for words.
Chapter Eight:
The soft light of early morning filtered through the curtains, Ashe propped herself up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She slipped on her nightgown making sure not to disturb Rasler, who quietly slumbered. Several days ago, he had recovered enough to be finally allowed to stay in their room. His illness was passing, with the help of various potions and tinctures, and the arrow wound looked not much more than a mere scar that occasionally pained him.
While her husband recovered from his wounds, her brothers went off to battle, in an attempt to recapture the lost fortress of Nalbina, and to prevent the invasion forces from getting any closer to
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Hope and Devotion Chapter 7
Author's note: Thank you all for reviewing and subscribing to this. It all means so much to me. I'm writing a bit faster now that it's summer, and I have more time now.
There's not much for me to say about this chapter except that while writing it I realized how little we really know about their religion in the game, except for a few snippets here and there. I actually, had to go through and talk to all the NPCs in Mt. Bur-Omisace, for this chapter. Any guesses as to what real world religions I used for inspiration to fill in the gaps?
A full four days, Rasler still had not woken up, although his condition was improving with each day. But the wait was a long a hellish one, each minute his life hung on the balance, and in a moment's notice his condition could change. Soon, at least according to the royal physician, the tube in his chest would be removed, and then they would properly stitch together the wound. Ashe looked up from her embroidery at her husband who gave a weak cough. H
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Hope and Devotion Chapter 6
Author's notes: Sorry, it took so long to get this chapter out; I had finals, and a research paper, that totally killed the urge to write. And LJ role play stole my soul, for part of the month.
Once again, I have to thank you all for reviewing, and faving, and for subscribing to this, it means so much to me. Thank you for all the suggestions and stuff, I actually have more listenable music now. And to address you questions, Ashe isn't pregnant, yet. I think that's everything, and feel free to point out my grammar mistakes, my beta decided to drop out on me, leaving me to fend for myself.
Yesterday Ashe had received a letter from her husband. She never expected it to arrive so fast. The letter in hand, she read it over several times before tucking it away, safely with her other treasured possessions, the invitation to her betrothal ceremony, some flowers that Rasler had given her during one of her many visits to Nabradia that she later dried, one of her mother's necklaces, a drawing
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LT's Soft Lavender Action by Lady-Tori LT's Soft Lavender Action :iconlady-tori:Lady-Tori 300 32 Sailor Pose 57 by SenshiStock Sailor Pose 57 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 281 15 My Brush Pack by CobraVenom My Brush Pack :iconcobravenom:CobraVenom 6,877 500 Complete Map Collection by gogots Complete Map Collection :icongogots:gogots 205 46 Holographic Backgrounds by Ferichan Holographic Backgrounds :iconferichan:Ferichan 39 3 + GLAM - PATTERNS + by LittleDr3ams + GLAM - PATTERNS + :iconlittledr3ams:LittleDr3ams 812 33 GirlyPixels Pastel Textures by girlypixels-com GirlyPixels Pastel Textures :icongirlypixels-com:girlypixels-com 93 8 Sponge Brushes 1 by AscendedArts Sponge Brushes 1 :iconascendedarts:AscendedArts 130 19 Old Paper Brushes III by lailomeiel Old Paper Brushes III :iconlailomeiel:lailomeiel 1,568 157 RIPE GRUNGE EXTREME BRUSH PACK by RazorICE RIPE GRUNGE EXTREME BRUSH PACK :iconrazorice:RazorICE 3,197 476 Grunge by Ady333 Grunge :iconady333:Ady333 453 79 Pack de fonts de Avril Lavigne by TheSofterSideAv Pack de fonts de Avril Lavigne :iconthesoftersideav:TheSofterSideAv 322 84 Horror-Grunge Fonts by Moonangel517 Horror-Grunge Fonts :iconmoonangel517:Moonangel517 105 12 Movie Fonts 2 by Trixie by ShinningButterfly Movie Fonts 2 by Trixie :iconshinningbutterfly:ShinningButterfly 86 4 Elianto - FREE DOWNLOAD by EmaDread Elianto - FREE DOWNLOAD :iconemadread:EmaDread 102 14 25 Fonts by glamorousart 25 Fonts :iconglamorousart:glamorousart 338 67



I really don't get it when people fave the stupid shit I put in my scraps, it's all shitty art or my shitty attempts at making a parody. IDK, it sort of bother me when people fave stuff that I really didn't put effort into. I mean I shouldn't complain because someone like it, but still I actually put effort into the stuff in my gallery. I think you can tell the difference between the stuff I do for shits and giggles and what I put legitimate time and effort into. I hope. orz I'll shut up about that now.

Hey does any know if there's any decent Zelda RPs or RPers around?

I should get back to what I was doing.
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