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Tourette Syndrome Awareness


Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month is May 15 - June 15, 2009
Ribbon Color Teal

This ribbon is to support people with Tourette Syndrome. It is very important that we show our support to them. For believe me you have no idea what its like to have to deal with this everyday. I have seen people with this syndrome be laughed at in school but never really thought much about how hard their life had to be. Now that I am older I look back and wish I had of stood up for them more often. I want people to know that this is something that is very hard to deal with. And I want them to know that no one has the right to make fun of someone with medical problems not matter what they are.

This stamp is Dedicated to :iconxxchantellexx: and anyone else living with Tourette Syndrome.
As a way for me to show my support to them.


Tourette Syndrome Information For more on this see [link] it has a lot of good information on it.

Tourette syndrome (also called Tourette's syndrome, Tourette's disorder, Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, GTS or, more commonly, simply Tourette's or TS) is an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder with onset in childhood, characterized by multiple physical (motor) tics and at least one vocal (phonic) tic; these tics characteristically wax and wane. Tourette's is defined as part of a spectrum of tic disorders, which includes transient and chronic tics.

Tourette's was once considered a rare and bizarre syndrome, most often associated with the exclamation of obscene words or socially inappropriate and derogatory remarks (coprolalia), but this symptom is present in only a small minority of people with Tourette's. Tourette's is no longer considered a rare condition, but it may not always be correctly identified because most cases are classified as mild. Between 1 and 10 children per 1,000 have Tourette's; as many as 10 per 1,000 people may have tic disorders, with the more common tics of eye blinking, coughing, throat clearing, sniffing, and facial movements. Tourette's does not adversely affect intelligence or life expectancy. The severity of the tics decreases for most children as they pass through adolescence, and extreme Tourette's in adulthood is a rarity. Notable individuals with Tourette's are found in all walks of life.

Genetic and environmental factors play a role in the etiology of Tourette's, but the exact causes are unknown. In most cases, medication is unnecessary. There is no effective medication for every case of tics, but there are medications and therapies that can help when their use is warranted. Explanation and reassurance alone are often sufficient treatment; education is an important part of any treatment plan.

The eponym was bestowed by Jean-Martin Charcot (1825–1893) on behalf of his resident, Georges Albert Édouard Brutus Gilles de la Tourette (1859–1904), a French physician and neurologist, who published an account of nine patients with Tourette's in 1885.

See [link] For more on this.


Stamp Made By :iconpsychotara:
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Template Used [link] The 5th one

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TheNamesEllen's avatar

Thanks! I have Torette’s Syndrome myself.

GothyD's avatar
Using I have Tourette's it makes it hard for me to speak and I have a stutter otherwise I also have body tics.
dismaldaydreamer's avatar
I'm not allowed to drive anymore because my eyes squeeze shut for long periods of time.  A few years ago, I started doing squats while in line at the store. The woman in front of me swooped her child away while giving me a dirty look. Her furrowed brow seemed to convey the idea that people like me shouldn't be in public. People are always surprised that I don't swear, and I always tell them that it's a stereotype that's sensationalized by the media. Thank you for making this stamp!
starssugar's avatar
Yeah thanks, I may have Tourette Syndrome because I can't control my speech, making me sad, fear,depression,have a cold skin, have a jerky movement. But It doesn't mean stupid. It looks like as Autism.
TheHolyBagel's avatar
Thank you so much for making this! I am definitely using. I have had Tourettes since I was 6, and lets just say it makes life a bit.... interesting... xD
psychotara's avatar
You are most welcome and feel free to use it or mot any of my other stamps. I am always willing to try to have things for all. I bet btw I have a good friend who has it and they have told me. :)
TheHolyBagel's avatar
psychotara's avatar
Your most welcome
Delahkor's avatar
Oh, I love you for making this. I've had Tourette's ever since I can remember myself, and it made school life.... interesting, to say the least. Worst part was when people thought I had mental disability because I have tics :/ I'm just glad that by middle school, I've gotten rather big, so not many would dare make fun of me by then, lol.

Anyway, thanks for making this, since this is often overlooked for more "hip" disorders, and the only people I've seen that support it are my family and other people with it.
psychotara's avatar
Your most welcome and thank you for sharing that wonderful message with me. I made this stamp for people just like you. I hope others like it as much as you and I wish you only the best in life dear. have a blessed one
Delahkor's avatar
Oh, wow, thank you, I feel honored :blush:
I hope you have a wonderful life ^_^
psychotara's avatar
:) have a great day.
Delahkor's avatar
Thanks, you too :)
psychotara's avatar
Your most welcome
Ashenta's avatar
I love it!
I have tourettes and it showed up as tics when I was two and I just got my vocals not even a year ago.
psychotara's avatar
I made it for people like you dear. I am glad you like it use it as you wish here on DA but just remember to credit me if you can.
ElectricPoodle's avatar
Thank you for making this. I have Tourette Syndrome, but it doesn't keep my spirits low. I find the humor with it's symptoms and I'm hoping the world will understand us better. Again, thanks. :)
psychotara's avatar
Your most welcome
diskfire's avatar
I've had Tourrete's Syndrome since I was 8. This is the first time I've seen anyone other than my parents show any care or support. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. :hug:
psychotara's avatar
You are most welcome. My Mission here is to spread awareness of this. So that others might understand it better. I am just tired of people putting others down due to this and I do so hope that many more people can come to understand that people like you can't help how they are. I wish you the best in your day to day life. And yes I do support those with this 110%. :hug:
TheMeleeMaster's avatar
Tourette Syndrome sucks...period! I had it since I was 6, and my school life was a living hell because of it. Mine's not severe, but I still can't hold a long and exciting conversation without interference. Only thing I can do is take medicine to slow my mind down. Not that affective, but it's still better than nothing!
psychotara's avatar
I am most sorry to hear about your troubles. That is why I made this stamp. I wanted people to understand that this is a very really disorder and those with it can not help it. Perhaps this might help bring awareness so that people like you will get the support you need for it. I wish you and all like you only the best in life. :hug:
XxchantellexX's avatar
Oh man thank you. ^.^ Spreading awareness yeay! By the way I love the statistics. If you think about how many people are in the world that is a good lump sum of people who have it.
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