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Minecraft Stamp Template Collection

So heres the deal. I am making stamp templates as part of a challenge I am doing for all Minecraft mobs. So I decided to upload this collection of that templates which will be linked to all the templates. Seeing as though there are going to be lots of them I am unsure just how many at this time. I left some spaces for me to upload a updated version of them as I get them done and posted here on DA. All the templates are free to use as long as you credit me and the makers of Minecraft. Please feel free to look at all of them as I get them done. I will be linking this in each of the templates as they are posted. I hope you all like this collection of templates.

Templates by :iconpsychotara:
All mobs (C) The Makers of Minecraft.  

Row 1

:bulletred: White Sheep
:bulletred: Light Gray Sheep
:bulletred: Gray Sheep
:bulletred: Black Sheep
:bulletred: Brown Sheep
:bulletred: Pink Sheep
:bulletred: Red Sheep
:bulletred: Orange Sheep
:bulletred: Yellow Sheep
:bulletred: Lime Sheep

Row 2

:bulletred: Green Sheep
:bulletred: Light Blue Sheep
:bulletred: Cyan Sheep
:bulletred: Blue Sheep
:bulletred: Purple Sheep
:bulletred: Magenta Sheep
:bulletred: Creeper
:bulletred: Charged Creeper
:bulletred: Enderdragon
:bulletred: Enderman

Row 3

:bulletred: Slime
:bulletred: Cow
:bulletred: Mooshroom
:bulletred: Ghast
:bulletred: Zombie
:bulletred: Skeleton
:bulletred: Ocelot
:bulletred: Basic Cat
:bulletred: Siamese Cat
:bulletred: Tabby Cat

Row 4

:bulletred: Wither Skeleton
:bulletred: The Wither
:bulletred: Silverfish
:bulletred: Villager
:bulletred: Witch
:bulletred: Zombie Villager
:bulletred: Iron Golem
:bulletred: Spider
:bulletred: Cave Spider
:bulletred: The Killer Rabbit

Row 5

:bulletred: Brown Rabbit
:bulletred: Salt and Pepper Rabbit
:bulletred: Black Rabbit
:bulletred: Albino Rabbit
:bulletred: Golden Rabbit
:bulletred: Spotted Rabbit
:bulletred: Horse
:bulletred: Donkey
:bulletred: Zombie Horse
:bulletred: Skeleton Horse

Row 6

:bulletred: Wolf
:bulletred: Angry Wolf
:bulletred: Dog
:bulletred: Blaze
:bulletred: Pig
:bulletred: Zombie Pigman
:bulletred: Chicken
:bulletred: Bat
:bulletred: Snow Golem
:bulletred: Alex

Row 7

:bulletred: Steve
:bulletred: Squid
:bulletred: Endermite
:bulletred: Magma Cube
:bulletred: Guardian
:bulletred: Elder Guardian
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