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Children's Diabetes Awareness

Children's Diabetes Awareness
The Month of this is November

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How Does Diabetes Affect Children?

Physical Affects

Type 1 diabetes affects children physically with sudden, unexplained weight loss, vision changes and fatigue. Uncontrollable bed wetting often accompanies the disease in children. Other physical symptoms associated with diabetes include constant thirst, frequent urination, increased hunger and labored breathing. The breath of a child suffering from diabetes may also smell sweet, resembling a fruity odor.

Children diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are generally overweight. Many times there is a lack of thirst and no increase in urination. Dark patches can develop on the skin at the back of the neck, between the fingers and between the toes. The Type 2 diabetic often has a family history of diabetes.

Personality Changes

Other symptoms of juvenile diabetes include crankiness or irritability. The child may become withdrawn and antisocial. The diet of a diabetic must change to accommodate the sugar levels. Diabetes affects children in every aspect of their lives from eating out with friends to sleep-overs and extracurricular events.

Diabetes affects children with the constant need to monitor blood sugar levels and possible hyper- or hypo-glycemic reactions while in public. The child and his caregivers must know what to do in case of a diabetic reaction. This constant worry may cause the child to avoid his friends or not participate in activities normally enjoyed by other children.

Physical Activities

A child suffering from diabetes often feels like an outsider. The need to be close to a bathroom, the fear of a reaction in public and special diet requirements make living a normal life difficult. The child may be less likely to willingly participate in family functions or outside school activities. He may start doubting himself and his abilities to have a normal lifestyle. The doubts and fears result in a listless attitude for some kids. The child may then shy away from sports, extra-curricular activities or other physical activities. The lack of exercise compounds the weight problem in children diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Read more: How Does Diabetes Affect Children? | [link]

The Children's Aid Society [link]

Every year, approximately 13,000 children are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and nearly 24 million Americans live with this disease. Diabetes is a disease that affects how the body uses glucose, the main type of sugar in the blood. Glucose comes from the foods we eat and is the major source of energy needed to fuel the body's functions. Children who have been diagnosed must learn to administer insulin, test blood glucose levels, identify hypoglycemic reactions and follow a strict nutritional and exercise regimen. Needless to say, they have to do a lot of growing up really fast. One out of every three children will have to face the same fate if the current trends continue.

During National Diabetes Awareness Month become involved by informing others of the importance of prevention by living a healthy lifestyle. For more information on how to become a Diabetes Advocate, please visit


In the United States, 176,500 people under the age of 20 have diabetes. Although the exact cause of diabetes is unknown, genetic and environmental factors such as obesity and lack of physical activity play a role.

Read more: Diabetes Rates in Children | [link]

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