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I don't know where this is supposed to go exactly, but I just wanted to create something magical and supernatural looking (and no, I did not misspell the title, it is exact. 'Supranatural' is basically another way to say 'supernatural'.)

Anyway! :) I love how this one turned out. Very mystical and magical. What do you think? If you don't like it, tell me anyway and give me some advise on how to make it better next time.


Credits Go To The Lovelies;; :below: :excited:

:bulletorange: :iconmoxylyn:'s Grimoire spell book stock

:bulletorange: :iconmoonglowlilly:'s Png Hair 7

:bulletorange: :iconalicefaux:'s background09

:bulletorange: :iconfaestock:'s Dusk5 & Dusk6

:bulletorange: :iconfairiegoodmother:'s Background

In addition, thank you to :iconmyworld1: and :iconlordmaverick: for their input/advise! (I tried too make the hair a little less sharp looking and added some glowing, smokey-mystical effect around the book and hand.
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wonderful artwork
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Beautiful! How did you do this?!
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Wow, thank you for liking it. :happycry:
Well, I just had this picture in my mind on how I wanted it to look like, so I just searched for stock that worked well with each other and oh, my goodness, I thought everything worked out well in the end. ^^;
Sudden inspiration.
Took me HOURS though...:phew:
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You are amazing oh my gosh
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Hiya, I know it's been ridiculously late to reply back, so I apologise! :hug: Thank you so much for the compliment and for liking my work. :happycry: :glomp:
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This is soo cool! i love the feeling of it, very nice!! And what you did with the hair:) Hhmmm.... The only advise i would give it that her hair looks a little too sharp around the edges.. maybe some how blur and but or fade the edges a bit she she looks a little more blended to the background. Also the hand that's holding the book should have a little more grow on it from the magic that's coming from the book, well, at least the thumb:)
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Oh, yeah, I get what you mean about the book and hair now. :ohmygod: Thanks a lot for liking everything else though!  :happycry:
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Oh, i liked everything about it! You just asked for advice so I was trying to find things that might need fixing, and those were the two i found. If i wasn't looking I don't think i would have noticed :D You are welcome!
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wow i saw this passing on the front page and had to come back to it for a closer look because it told an epic story. I think this is amazing. The only thing that maybe, MAYBE add some like glowy mist form coming from the book. But other than that WOW!
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Thank you so much, that means a lot! :happycry: Actually, that doesn't sound like bad idea. :plotting:
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yay! i have good ideas! woot! :D
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