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March 17, 2006
My heart rate literally went up when I first looked at this image. Seriously, wow. Go and look for yourself at VENUS 2.0 by ~psychosilence. Wow.
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After i posted a tutorial a whlie ago over there at about creating ParticleSplines with ParticleFlow and a little MaxScript(currently down unfortunetly) i decided to create an image showing this technique.
I was inspired by the Venus by Milo of cause

I used 3D Studio Max 7.1 for the ParticleSplines and PhotoShop CS2 and AfterEffects 6.1 for the decent postproduction (to comp together color-,specular-, ambient occlusion pass and the background image. Color corrention and little glow/grain here and there)

Productiontime was about 10day on and off excluding rendertime.

This image is my Animago 2006 Submission in the category Home>Still>Art by the way. So wish me luck

Hope you like it!

Greets from germany

Anselm aka. PsychoSilence
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