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Day 23: Something You Need

By psychosako
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Man, what a freaking day.

My initials plan for this picture was to draw my old studio set up. I've been tripping over a picture of it all week, and the minute i need it, POOF. I looked for it all day. I tried to draw it out by hand. The perspective was killing me. I might go back to it one day, but today, it was frustrating.

So at 9:30 at night, i decided i need a clove cigarette, a stiff drink, and some yoga in the moonlight. Now if only it wasn't 30 degrees out... freaking cold for Florida.

This piece actually rather reminds me of the kinds of paintings i did in highschool. Those who took Babushchalk's class with me are probably nodding their heads as they read this. Except you can see my face. And there's no blood. I'm pondering candles to kind of help that one-third split and give a secondary, warm lightsource to counter the cool. Thoughts?

I should mention that i used this stock for the pose. That is a pose i'm fond of doing during my yoga routines.
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Yes of course, back in highshool he would have made you add a white wash over it. *fist shake*
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::hides in the corner and weeps::

((Hm. DA is throwing around my comments and not putting them where i demand.))
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There is something extremely alluring and fascinating in the idea of a highly compelling Lady pursuing her very unique style of yoga through mixing very classical poses with her own personal touch of making the physical moves while relaxing and finding her spiritual release furthered by partaking of a a powerful alcohol belt, a clove cigarette, and making all the mix come together under moonlight on a frosty night. There is a super spiritual aspect to all of that in a not entirely definable respect. One Woman's very modern evolutionary additions to the the elements of very ancient arts.
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Wow. Thanks so much for those two cents: i'm so glad someone actually caught what it was i was trying to communicate.
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It is a delight to face the mind in this direction that you point and consider the energy of innovation and individuality in the portrait. It surely tips over the apple cart of tradition to imagine the thoroughly modern Woman out in her yard at midnight doing the downward dog with a clove in one hand and a bourbon ditch in the other. Female Buddha meets Dorothy Parker for a date under the bright moonlight mayhaps.
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heyy nice quickie ;D
dont stress so much. sometimes you just gotta let go ya know?
(coming from the guy that just spent 8 hours running defrags and scans, without getting any work done)
moon is kind of unclean because of the bottom smoke shapes that overlap.
but it looks kind of cool. like a jelly fish. cute pose.
i thought they banned cloves...
yoga ftw
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