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Day 22: Something You Miss

By psychosako
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Medium: A bunch of stock, wacom intuos2, hoboshop CS4

I was raised with martial arts. My father, who is japanese and grew up on Guam, is the one that taught me how to defend myself. I kind of fell out of practice when i got into the last couple years of college. I'm hoping to get back into it, but i've already got so much on my plate that i'm not sure what kind of time i can devote to it, save for an hour a week, which really pales in comparison to my previous practice.

When i turned 18, I got to visit where my father is from. For those unfamiliar with Guam, it is a 30 mile island that is a US territory about 3 hours from Japan. A japanese tourist trap. A beautiful place to be. I miss it greatly, and i'm not really an island kind of person.

Two birds, one stone. PaPOW.

Stock here:
and the every glorious :iconresurgere:
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Wow. Nice! This is really cool. I love the colors you used. Thanks for using my stock.
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Thanks for sharing it with us. :3
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oh wow. i didnt know you were into martial arts. thats pretty damn cool. akido? ju-jitsu?
this is an excellent pose. and i really do like how cute the face is drawn. wonderful gold back lighting. really sets the character in the environment.
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I did wushu, various forms of animal kung fu, and taekwondo (i got to a green belt before i realized that i didn't like the form. I'm hoping to get into Wing Tsun soon.

And dude, i thought you were straight? Your sig says otherwise...
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oh cool wing tsun is the shit
lol. i am straight... i thought beetlejuice said that in the movie.... maybe im wrong..
i thought you were single. your facebook says otherwise.
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uh damn. you know its funny you are the first one to say anything about that HAH. its ghost with the most. WOOPS
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really awesome. i love the thin yellow highlights!
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