Scary is a Real Godmother Ch1

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Scary Godmother sighed as she looked outside her house. Her velvety, purple bat wings drooped as she watched the rain outside beat down on the windows. “If it keeps this up, Bug-A-Boo, it’s gonna be a very wet Halloween.” She said, shaking her head as her hat drooped as well.

Bug-A-Boo, a huge, furry monster with sharp teeth and a ton of eyes, looked at Scary Godmother. He looked outside and nodded. “Yeah…it’s gonna be a depressing Halloween Party if this keeps up.”

“I agree there!” Mr. Pettibones yelled as he carried in spider cookies and warm milk on two trays, “Here you go, Scary.”

“Thanks, Skully.” Scary smiled slightly as she took one of the cookies and a glass of milk.

“Yum-yum!” Bug-A-Boo smiled as he took two of the cookies, “My favorite!”

Mr. Pettibones smiled slightly and put the trays down on Scary Godmother’s coffin table. The skeleton looked outside and blinked. “Uh, Scary, we got company.” He said as he pointed outside.

“What? Who?” Scary asked as she looked outside.

Sure enough, a young girl around fourteen was walking up the pumpkin patch towards the house. She had curly red hair that went to her shoulders and had on a cloak that hid her other features. In her hands, the girl clutched a smaller version of Scary Godmother’s hat and attached to her back by a long rope was a hand-made broom.

The three broommates stood up and ran outside to help the girl. Scary Godmother was the first to arrive and she landed next to the girl. “Are you alright? What’s wrong? Why are you-” She stopped when she saw the bruise on the young girl’s cheek. “Come inside quickly.”

“Th-Thank y-you.” The girl said, her teeth chattering because of the cold.

“Who is she, Scary?” Bug-A-Boo asked as he scooped the girl in his arms and hurried inside, where Mr. Pettibones was waiting for them with a cup of warm Spider Cider.

“I don’t know.”

“N-Name’s M-Mira…” The girl said as Bug-A-Boo laid her down on a couch.

“Pleased to meet you Mira.” Scary smiled as she made a blanket appear around the girl’s soaked shoulders.

“Here you go.” Mr. Pettibones handed Mira the glass.

Mira took a sip and smiled. “Spider Cider! My dad made this every Halloween and on really cold nights.” She said before drinking it again.

Mr. Pettibones smiled. “That’s Scary Godmother’s secret recipe.”

“It’s good.” Mira smiled at Scary.

“Thank you.” Scary Godmother smiled. “So, Mira, what were you doing outside in this weather?”

“Looking for my godmother. My mom and dad died a few months ago and instead of searching for my real godmother, the people in my realm took me away to a fairy realm, but I ran away after a week and I’ve been looking for my real godmother ever since.” Mira explained.

“I see…” Scary muttered.

“Well, who’s yer real godmother, kiddo?” Bug-A-Boo asked, looking at the girl.

“The person that owns this hat.” Mira said, holding out the tattered green and black hat. “It was a gift to her from my mom.”

“That…looks like the hat Holda and Tinkaree made me…” Scary whispered. “When I graduated school…”

“Yep. That’s my mom.” Mira said as she clutched the hat tightly.

“Holda?” Bug-A-Boo blinked. “Holda’s yer mom?”

“No, Tink.”

“Tinkaree’s dead?” Scary Godmother blinked. She felt tears come to her eyes.

“I’m afraid so…” Mira whispered. She clenched her fists and tears fell into her cider.

Bug-A-Boo looked at the ground and tears fell from his eyes as well while Mr. Pettibones, being a skeleton, could only make sounds like he was crying, but if he had eyes, tears would be falling.

Mira wiped her eyes quickly and looked at Scary, her eyes full of hope. “Are you the queen of the Fright Side?” She asked softly.

Scary Godmother blinked and was silent for a moment before nodding. “Yes, I am.”

“Then you’re my godmother.” Mira said softly, smiling slightly. “You’re the person my mother said would take care of me incase she died.”
This is my Scary Godmother Fanfiction. Yes...I like that a problem with that? No? Didn't think so. anyways, this is about my fancharacter, Mira, who's name is short for the latin word meaning "Miracle".
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Very dramatic opening! Dont let anyone ride your nerves about liking Jill T's AMAZING comic/story/movies either (rawr). This is great!