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This is ZeeMendoza
I have not been on this group page for ages, so Hello. Also, I have not been on this group page for ages, so, Sorry.

I am amazed but glad that anybody is still in this group or watching. For those that never left, thank you for your patience.

I had been on a massive hiatus from the internet in general for several years and returned about 8 months ago and am now finally settling back into some sort of routine. Since the psyraps still mean something to alot of people (including me) despite all this time, I will make the effort to keep this group account active and the psyrap ref updated.

I have been getting questions about the original psyrap linearts. They where taken down almost as soon as I came back and cleaned out most of my account. The reason for this is I felt they where very outdated and I wanted to make new linearts. However, it's been months and the idea of me making new linearts is still just idea. But since people have shown to me that they are still interested, I will make these linearts a priority. In the meantime if you want a copy of one of the old linearts, then just note me and I will look for that file in my computer.

I am not sure what the old joining rules where, but anybody who is a fan of psyraps can join this group now. I would like to make this simple. Also, I am open to any suggestions people have for either the group or the species. I may not be able to act on the request immediately, but i can file it away to be considered at a later date when I have more free time. At this point, the psyrap species has been in the hands of you guys almost more than they have been in mine. It is a %100 open species, and future updates to the ref will include characteristics or specifications that the community has accepted generally as a whole.

In summary, group is being reanimated, psyraps are not forgotten.

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For those interested in RPing their psyrap characters, these are the designated forums (managed by EbonyFur)

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m e m b e r s
If you are interested in psyraps then apply to become a member! Also if you are looking to be a contributor one day you must have been an active member first.

c o n t r i b u t o r s
These are entry-level administrators who stand above regular members because they have shown a greater interest in the group. Contributors are active sub-admins who use to be equally active regular members. People who run successful grips as well as those who donate subs to the group are automatically qualified to be official contributors. It is the only admin position that can be requested, but they are subject to 4 votes. Contributors can view the staff area, invite people to become members, and require less votes than members to submit artwork.

m o d e r a t o r s
Mods can edit blog content, send submission requests, edit some staff area content, send contributor and member invites, and have their gallery submissions automatically approved. They help keep the group itself updated.

c o - m a n a g e r s/g r i p o w n e r s
These members have a great understanding or interest in pysraps, and have contributed a lot of artwork. They are the most passionate for the species (usually their main sona is a psyrap). They can submit and edit blogs, edit some content and send out both member and admin invites, submission requests, as well as approve or deny new members and submissions. Their own submissions are automatically approved. Some of them also run their own psyrap grip.

c r e a t o r
They founded the group and create and maintain the general layout of the group, gallery, and journals. They promote or demote any member and also send out invites to any position as well as submission requests. The creator also sorts out gallery entries and keep folders and information organized


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