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so hail to the king

By PsychoRandom
here lies everything, the world i wanted at my feet
my victory is complete, so hail to the king

Dr. Horrible! I adore this scene.

It's been far too long since I completed a proper pencil drawing! About 3 hours, HB & 3B, cropped in PS but no other alterations beyond scanning it in.

Thanks for looking! :aww:
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And he won't feel a thing, right?

Dr. Horrible is amazing. As is this drawing. Very realistic.
OptimisticDarkness's avatar
Amazing! This drawing is just full of win and creativeawesomeness. Lovelovelove.
Riku-Lover's avatar
thats amazing!!!!!!!!!!
I love Dr. Horrible!
Random-Kid13's avatar
love it!!!

Dr Horrible!!! is amazing
TinyChica's avatar
I love Dr. Horrible so much. :';)
:worship: nuff said :D

PsychoRandom's avatar
Hee, thank you so much! :aww:
Green-Jackster's avatar
Oh~ I love this!
What an amazing scene, you captured it quite well. ^_^
PsychoRandom's avatar
Thank you so much! :aww:
HattsterKitty's avatar
How on earth can you not have had any comments on this? Wow. You have taken my breath away.

You have captured the emotions within it so well. Consider yourself well and truly faved and watched!
PsychoRandom's avatar
Ohmigod, thank you so much! I'm so pleased you like it :aww:
HattsterKitty's avatar
ever so welcome ^^
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