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My dog just died :(((

This is so wrong :(

Fuck!!! :(
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I'm going to buy a great camera but I still can't decide which one of this two is the one for me:

Canon EOS 5D MARK II with 35 1.4 lens or Nikon D700 with 27x70 2.8 lens?

Help me decide.

So I decided:…


Many thanks for all the advices!
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Sooo…I decided to go for the Canon 5D Mark II with 50 1.4 and 85 1.8 lens.
I'm also getting some lamps and accesories soon ;)

And… I've got an iPad 3G and it's awesome. It really is, I'm quite surprised how great this device can be.

Here are some pics of the toys:… check them out ;)

I will also upload some new stuff, like wallpapers, photos, etc. very soon, it's almost Christmas, right? ;)

See ya soon.

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Cleaning the gallery and making it more available.

:thumb186032542::thumb185215048: :thumb184222739::thumb182325291::thumb180411441::thumb161404986::thumb161404482::thumb161405615::thumb144757242::thumb144456753::thumb161354275:

Dead wasp by Psychopulse Make Love Not War by Psychopulse Think green by Psychopulse Green Lantern by Psychopulse Psychobug on the moon by Psychopulse In my place by Psychopulse DREAMS 2 by Psychopulse DREAMS by Psychopulse bokeh pulse by Psychopulse APPLE CLASSIC by Psychopulse STRIPEDITTO by Psychopulse WHEN WE TOUCH MODS by Psychopulse WHEN WE TOUCH by Psychopulse ANDROID PATTERN by Psychopulse ANDROID by Psychopulse The Finder by Psychopulse Pleasure room by Psychopulse MAGNETO by Psychopulse ZEN FANTASY by Psychopulse ZERO GRAVITY by Psychopulse Liquid Shadows by Psychopulse Brown Sugar 2 by Psychopulse Artificial Jewels by Psychopulse Lavender by Psychopulse Notebenders by Psychopulse Aurora mods by Psychopulse iPhone toasted by Psychopulse

100 iPad wallpapers by Psychopulse 100 iPhone wallpapers by Psychopulse


More coming soon! ;)
  • Listening to: Zero 7
  • Watching: The Walking Dead
  • Playing: Angry Birds
  • Eating: Lasagna
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