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Fear II

By Psychopomp16
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Stripes vs Spots

Second instalment of Fear [link]

I THINK this is done, but I don't think I'm 100% happy with it, so constructive critique is very much appreciated. :)
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I love this! The texture and color for the zebra's fur really sell it. And it looks like you varied the focus around the image - nice! Man, it looks like the zebra is on the ground as the leopard stalks in for the final kill, and he's pretty much come to terms with dying. Wow.
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This is incredible! The amount of detail is stunning. Well done. :)
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You never cease to amaze me 😋
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This is great! What are you not happy with?
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Only crit I can give, look at horses eyes, they have an oval pupil, like a sheep, I'm saying look at a horses eye as I'm sure there are more photos out there of horses eyes than zebras, but they have the same eyes, amazing work though :)
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you r so right. The stock photos I had for the zebra eye actually do have the elongated pupils but for some reason, I decided to take some artistic freedom and make them round, maybe b/c I thought people wouldn't get it or something... I don't know what I was thinking at the time, lol. But thanks for the crit! I really do appreciate it!
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Haha, it was the first thing I noticed (having a horse I tend to enjoy looking at his eyes and wondering what he's thinking so I tend to notice little bits like that), it is an awesome piece though, love the style you have <3
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Fabulously done!
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I lloooooove the idea!
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I absolutely ADORE this piece - it is so well done!! :D I love the attention to detail and the reflection in the zebra's eye, it all looks so life-like! I'm going to agree with charreed though, I think that the final touch on this one would be to give the zebra a 'wall eye'; I don't think it would take too long to change, but I reckon it would be worth it to give it that final bit of oomph :D
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yes, I think I will try that, I agree it will get the feeling of the pic across better! Thanks for you input :)
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No problem!! I look forward to seeing the final :D
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When horses and zebras get scared, they go "wall eyed" where a large amount of the sclera (white of the eyes) shows. Here's a reference picture I found online: [link]

Sorry animal nerd here! I think it would just help "sell" the piece if the zebra looked more panicked and scared. Great start though! I always liked the "eye reflection" type pieces :)
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I am going to try that! thanks for the tip!
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