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Arches II

By PsychoPixel
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My first attempt at doing HDR photography. Taken in Yorkshire at Rievaulx Abbey.
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Very beautiful, i liked the fact that you didn't put it black and white since there is a beautiful blue sky with some clouds, giving the impresion that this was a sunny day in England, something that is quite rare since England is always cloudy and rainy. ^^ Even more, if it was black and white it would be very sober, and cathedrals don't always have to be represented like this, in fact they have to be shown in a 'happy way' because they are art. ^^
I love photos of arquitecture when taken from a different perspective, they turn out beautiful. (:
This buiding remembers me of Harry Potter's Hogwarts. ^^
Is it a gothic cathedral?
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's Gothic. It actually poured with rain about 5 minutes before this shot. Then the sun came out and it became really warm with a vivid blue sky. The lighting was brilliant.
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I usually prefer black and white, but I love the coloring of that image.
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Wow, that just amazing and beautiful!
It reminds me of that church scence in Soul Calibar 2 ^^ (sorry for the gamer moment)
The quality is very good I think, your photography is wonderfully done ^__^
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Thanks :) I don't think I've ever had my work compared to a compute game before! :D
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