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GO ON! IF YOU'RE GONNA KILL ME JUST DO IT!! by Psychopatrick88 GO ON! IF YOU'RE GONNA KILL ME JUST DO IT!! :iconpsychopatrick88:Psychopatrick88 4 2 Mika's Cosplay by Psychopatrick88 Mika's Cosplay :iconpsychopatrick88:Psychopatrick88 20 9 Watermelon Contest by Psychopatrick88 Watermelon Contest :iconpsychopatrick88:Psychopatrick88 15 6 Brawl in the Tavern by Psychopatrick88 Brawl in the Tavern :iconpsychopatrick88:Psychopatrick88 17 2 Nashiko Vs Ryuji   Commission   By Nettomedley by Psychopatrick88 Nashiko Vs Ryuji Commission By Nettomedley :iconpsychopatrick88:Psychopatrick88 34 2
The Aftermath of Mina's match
A half hour had passed, and the excitement and adrenaline had died down. Junko and Mina had gone their separate ways; Junko to celebrate and prepare herself for the next round, and Mina to relax and heal her wounds.
Mina sat on the bench, closing her eyes, and takes a deep breath. The fun and excitement had faded, and it was impossible not to be disappointed. There were so many women she would have loved to square off with. Most of all being her lover, who still had yet to have her fight in the Blue division.
“Entschuldigung, häschen. Looks like we won’t have our grand world battle.” She says to herself. She lifts her head up when she hears footsteps approaching. She sees Isabelle stepping into the room with a scowl on her face.
“Ah.. Planierraupe. Looks like I blew it.” She says while putting on a friendly smile. “Ah.. there’s always next year, ja?”
Mina’s head was turned, her eyes open with shock. Isabelle had just...
:iconpsychopatrick88:Psychopatrick88 13 3
Mature content
Where's the Beef? :iconpsychopatrick88:Psychopatrick88 24 10
Mina vs Junko - OCWT Yellow Branch Round 1
“You’re sure?”
“Are you truly sure?”
“...You are absolutely certain?”
“Yes!” Snaps her voice. Her frustrated tone reverberates down the halls. The voice belonged to a brunette-haired woman. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, and was dressed in a beige sweater, that did little to conceal her bust size, and a pair of blue denim jeans. Her violet hues glaring warningly at her blonde-haired friend, standing almost exactly the same height as her.
The other woman is slightly taken aback by the brunette’s loud tone, until she closes her eyes, slowly exhales, then answers her curt response with a warm expression and a calm smile with her sky blue hues. Her gorgeous blonde hair cascaded down past her backside, swaying gently as she smiles.
“...There’s no need to shout, Planierraupe. (Plah-near-ow-peh)” Came her crooning reply. She was clothed in a black wool dress, diamond earr
:iconpsychopatrick88:Psychopatrick88 27 20
Is that... by Psychopatrick88 Is that... :iconpsychopatrick88:Psychopatrick88 21 8 Mina vs Junko 5 topless by Psychopatrick88
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Mina vs Junko 5 topless :iconpsychopatrick88:Psychopatrick88 20 6
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Why Should Irish Have All The Fun? :iconpsychopatrick88:Psychopatrick88 31 12
Milly Avatar by Psychopatrick88 Milly Avatar :iconpsychopatrick88:Psychopatrick88 7 6

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United States
Favourite genre of music: Rock. (Mainly Grunge, metal, and punk)

You can also see stuff at my Pixiv account.


So you may know that a certain game that took part in a lot of our childhoods has come up with a 3D sequel.

Said 3D sequel came with user generated content.

Which lead to this.

I'm not sorry.

The clothes on the avatar were bought from the store there. This is just a screenshot I took with my character.

W/ Pause screen:
Mika's Cosplay
Mika got in on the craze.

Also, I don't know who made these models, but I will happily give credit to whoever made these mods.

I don't usually jump on bandwagons like this, but I gotta admit, I really love how fast this grew and all the art that's coming with it. It's probably my new favorite thing in a long while :)
Watermelon Contest
"What's so hard about crushing some mortal fruit?" The small succubus blurted out, seemingly out of nowhere. In fact, the only one within earshot was a blonde catgirl, named Haruko,  who seemed confused about her outburst.

"Say what now?" Haruko asked.

The succubus, Milly, looks up at the catgirl with a frown. "I keep coming across these videos of people showing off by crushing some weird green fruit between their legs. What's so hard about it??"

Haruko scratches the back of her head. "Are you talking about a watermelon? Round green fruit?"

"Yeah! That thing! It's just a fruit! What's so hard about it?"

"Well.. Milly.. watermelons have a hard skin, and they're kind of-"

"I bet anyone could do it! I bet *I* could do it!" Milly interrupts. Haruko looks a little surprised.


"Yeah! Watch me!"

"....Hmm... you know... I haven't tried that either. I wanna try it with you."

"Eh?" Milly looks up at the catgirl. She's never wanted anything to do with her before, but at this point she's too annoyed to care. "Fine, you can join me in this. Probably won't take more than a few seconds anyways.."

------ A few minutes later ------

"YES!" Haruko exclaimed as the watermelon explodes between her legs. "I did it! Hey, Milly check it out! I crushed it to bits!"

"SHUT.... UP..... STUPID.... CAT!!! GAAAHHHH!!"


This was a fun commission by :iconmangapym: featuring two of my characters both trying a popular challenge to crush a watermelon between their thighs. One of them proved strong enough, while the other was waaaay over their head with this one. I've actually had this one for a while, but I like to add little stories to mine, and I never got around to writing it up until now. Hope you guys enjoy! I'm going to at least TRY and be a little more active here now. I've got a couple more on the way as well, so look forward to it!

I really loved how this came out. The expressions, the detail, it all worked out nicely! Thank you, :iconmangapym: !
Brawl in the Tavern
This was an amazing YCH piece that I took part in, made by the amazing :iconsatsuarts: !!

Neena has found herself dead center in the middle of a barfight, and is loving every minute of it! No one knows how the fight started. For all that is known, it could have been Neena herself who started the brawl by screaming "Lets have a brawl, bitches!".

She swings a hard uppercut to a french shark who has been giving her lip all night, and a certain pink headband wearing wolf to the right could not be happier to see her snake bitch girlfriend knocking a tooth right out of that shark's mouth!

On the other hand, it looks like a certain playful succubus found herself here at the wrong time, looking for an easy meal to snack off of. The fight happened so suddenly that she had forgotten she could just vanish from the room, and instead takes shelter under the bar counter until the storm of fur, booze and blood wanes.


Neena and Milly (c) :iconpsychopatrick88:

Laura and Nadia (c) :iconnmstr:

The rest of the characters belong to their individual accounts. You can see a full list of who belongs to who by clicking
Nashiko Vs Ryuji Commission By Nettomedley
His fight began like any other. While he usually fought with men and women that had fur, scales, or feathers, he was not opposed to squaring off against a human. If they were brave enough to enter the ring with him, he'd accept them as his opponent.

She was a peculiar opponent. Shoulder length pink hair. Bright, piercing teal eyes. A smile that, while appearing innocent, caused the fur on the back of his neck to inexplicably stand on end. A white top with the word 'GO' adorned in red on the top. She certainly had the build of a fighter at the very least. Rippling abdomen muscles. Biceps and triceps that seemed like they would rival his strength. He wouldn't take her lightly. He also noticed she wore maroon boxing gloves that seemed to shimmer in the spotlight. Boxing gloves? She was aware this was a mixed martial arts bout, didn't she?

His eyes trailed down farther, her choice of attire causing an arched eyebrow from the feline. A pink fundoshi, with a white waistband. Pink silk stockings that hugged her legs all the way to her thighs All in all, her.. fighting outfit left little to the imagination. He remembered thinking that her choice of attire was, well, peculiar.

"Evil kitty." She said, still with that almost unblinking stare and odd smile. It was all she said before the bell rang.

He did not have a single malicious bone in his body. He was warm. He was gentle, despite his profession. The baseless insinuation from this odd girl left him speechless. He opened his mouth to protest, but their fight was about to begin. He raises his paws, protected by yellow MMA gloves, and she raised her gloves in kind, and the bell rang to begin their bout.

Her offense was good. He could feel how strong her punches were. But he was agile. He was flexible. He had the reflexes of his animal side. All of this assisted him in managing to avoid her blows. He could take her to the ground. He could grapple with her. But he had an innate sense for a fair fight. He'd treat this more as kickboxing to be a little more fair to her. Her defense, however... seemed lacking.

Shot to the ribs. Blow to the sternum. Cross to the cheek. Thrust kick to her gut. He pulled no punches, or kicks in this fight. She was an opponent, and a formidable one at that. She was keeping him on his toes.

He sees a chance. She cocks a fist back for a heavy blow. She hurls it at him. He leans back, narrowly avoiding it. Left hook to her cheek. Uppercut to her chin. Her arms flew up after that blow, causing her to fall on her butt.

He could pursue her, and turn it to a ground game, but he decided instead to step back to allow her back up.

She stared up at him with an expression of shock. "You... can fight??"

His ears fold down. He.. wasn't sure how to respond to that. He still seemed to answer her question, somehow, because her expression was suddenly filled with delight.

"You can fight!! I didn't know kitty boys could fight!! You're a fun kitty!!" She exclaimed, springing back to her feet and bouncing with joy. Which.. caused other parts of her to bounce.

He averts his eyes from the rather suggestive scene, and clears his throat. "Er.. thank you?"

She seemed filled with new determination as she stood back up. Her stance was tighter. Firmer. Was she... holding back on him?

"For an evil kitty you are quite strong! Too bad there isn't a rising superstar in the ring who can teach you a lesson-- oh wait, there is, and it is me! Nashiko!" She declares while striking a dramatic pose!

He stared blankly at her. She was... in her own fantasy. But why was HE the villain? He wasn't a bad guy!

She turns back to him, and raises her gloves again. He took his stance to defend. They were feet away from each other. Despite their heated exchanges earlier, neither fighter chose to move all of a sudden. It was a staredown. His focused gazed met with her wide-eyed stare and smile.

His eyes shut for an instant to blink. When they opened again, she was inches from his face! Her sudden speed put him off guard. Suddenly she twists her torso. A hook?

No. Instead Something white appeared in his peripheral vision. On instinct, he leaned back!

He felt something heavy whoosh by him. Just barely gazing his chin hairs!

White? Her gloves were maroon, and her feet were pink! What could've-?!

His mind concluded what he had just dodged. She... had just tried to... club his head with her breasts?!

"Ohh! You dodged them! They'll only get faster and faster, though, so clench your teeth so I can keep showing off!" She advises while bouncing one foot, then another against the mat, causing other parts of her to bounce again, then she raises her fists back up and smiles at him.

Ryuji stared back at her, completely dumbfounded as he watched her straying side to side.

"If the kitty isn't careful, the evil kitty will become pummeled pussy." She warned in a low, threatening voice.

Those words were the start of a steep, uphill battle. Whether he had won or lost, he could no longer remember. Whether it was a result of a club of her breasts to his head, or another fight, he honestly could not say. But it was far and away one of the more bizarre fights he had ever had with another fighter.


This was a commission done by the ever-amazing :iconnettomedley: pitting my Ryuji Takami vs his Marie "Nashiko" Suedrach.

I liked the concept of a character who's generally a serious fighter going up against someone as off the wall nuts as the pink haired demon human, who uses unorthodox tactics like seen here.

Thanks so much for this, Netto! I loved how this turned out!
So, I've talked about how I want to get back into writing and making creative things and whatnot, like 3DCG and MMD and stuff. I've got a couple things planned out, one is a thing with a friend, and the other is a contribution to what has been an awesome tournament.

Every time I sit down to write though, I typically get distracted by something else. Or I move to something else during the time that I have. In particular, I've admittedly devoted the majority of my free time to one person in particular. I won't mention names, but we've been friends for a long while. There is a person here who I really enjoy hanging out with, talking to, and RPing with. We've butted heads in the past, we've had falling outs, we've even hit the point of blocking one another. Yet I still come back.

Year after year, I come back. Why? If you had asked me at one point, I would have probably said it's because he's a good artist. That may have been the original reason, but, no sane person would stick around with a person they butt heads with for YEARS just for a chance at free art. It was something more.

I think it had to do with his creative mind. The only problem is that he refuses to bend on anything. I ask for a small edit, and he responds as if I am asking him to pull off his own nails with a pair of pliers. He could create worlds in text. A level of creativity that I, unfortunately, don't have the ability to make. He says that he hates me. That I make his life a living hell. Because I ask for revisions. I've tried, I've talked, I've reasoned, but I've never understood why revisions or edits could bother someone so much. When someone paints a picture, do they get it right their first time? They must go through several drafts before creating the piece that is satisfactory to them. When you write a story on your own, by writing standards, you create a rough draft, a revised edit, then the final copy. So why does requesting an edit from this artist aggravate him so much? I guess I'll never understand.

Time after time though, and no, he's not the one always at fault. I've said and done things myself that I deeply regret. It's been a two way street of anger and hate. But I always come back. I come back to talk with him, to continue to write with him. I bend and twist my characters to fit his format, but ultimately the payoff is the same again and again. So why do I keep coming back?

Ultimately, it's because he's a good friend to me. He's helped me in my life more than I thought some random face on the internet could. Lately though, I feel like things have been stretched out more thin. He's found others, and he doesn't hesitate to tell me how much better these people are. How he has no trouble with them. Time after time he tells me how much fun he's having with them and makes me feel miserable.

Tonight we had yet another falling out, over the way a fight should go. Oddly enough, not because we couldn't agree on who would win, but rather we had a disagreement on who would lose. Ultimately, it boiled down to him removing me, and blocking me both here and on Skype.

And honestly, I think I'm done.

I'm not crawling back another time. I'm not going to ask him to re-add me anymore. I'm not going to ask him to un-block me from DA. I'm just going to move on and focus on things a little more productive. Apologies for the delays, but I can now focus on my own writing pieces. Expect to see stuff soon, both here, and on my new Pixiv account.

Love you all!



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