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If you don't know what Psychonauts is, you've come to the right place. Psychonauts is a action/adventure game for PC/PS2/XBox by the genius behind such games as "Full Throttle" & "Grim Fandango", Tim Schafer.

For years, the Psychonauts have deployed their psychically-armed operatives all over the world, but this time trouble is brewing right in their own backyard. Someone is abducting students from the Psychonaut boot camp;a deranged scientist who only wants their brains. One cadet; a mysterious and powerful new arrival named Raz; stands alone against the lunatic.

Raz must develop and unleash an arsenal of paranormal powers, including telekinesis, pyrokinesis, clairvoyance, and his most powerful weapon of all; the ability to launch himself telepathically into someone else's mind, and run around in the demented amusement park of their imagination.

Raz takes on their inner demons face to face, wrestles with their nightmares, and digs up their secret memories. Ultimately he must enter the mind of his worst enemy and destroy his dark plans at their source, while trying not to lose his sanity in the process.

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If you don't know what Psychonauts is, you've come to the right place. Psychonauts is a action/adventure game for PC/PS2/XBox by the genius behind such games as "Full Throttle" & "Grim Fandango", Tim Schafer.

A boy runs away from the circus to join the psychic summer camp of his dreams. Will he succeed and become a Psychonaut or will he be sent home?
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PN: Tangled Up“Ow. Dammit.”Her boyfriend’s grumbling distracted Chloe. She was sitting on their bed cross-legged with a laptop set between her knees. With her cursor hovering over the send button, she was about to shoot her superior an e-mail when Bobby grunted, and she watched him tear a wide comb through his curly hair, sounding as if he was pulling it right out of his scalp. It seemed like they would need a few extra minutes to get ready for work as Bobby struggled to tame his hair.Dressed in his Psychonauts uniform like his girlfriend, he was bent over in the bathroom. Long strands of slightly frizzy and wet orange hair fell over his shoulders. He combed through it, detangling any stray knots he missed in the shower and cursing under his breath whenever he found a new one.Flipping his head back, he dropped the comb onto the laminate countertop. He shoved his fingers through his hair, flicking it up much like how a cat’s fur would bristle in anger. Bobby shook his head and held out his hands, staring at his reflection in the mirror, scrutinizing his appearance.His hair was no longer a matted haven for insects and germs as it was in his youth. Chloe would describe his hair as full and thick. It was parted to the side and fell in curls around his face, neck, and back, courtesy of a generous amount of conditioner and combing.“This friggin’s rat’s nest,” he mumbled, unclipping a few hairs from behind his ears, “takes a hundred years to brush through.”Chloe grinned. That was true. Bobby needed a longer time to prepare for work due to his sometimes unruly mane.“It’s much more manageable than it used to be,” she offered.“That’s because I never washed it like the degenerate bastard of a child that I was,” he countered, taking the comb to his bangs. He looped it through a lock and pulled it out, fixing stray wiry hairs back into place.Chloe touched her scalp. Her buzzcut only required a few minutes to be made presentable. Thorough washing and brushing were all she needed, along with her preferred accessory for the day.“Oh, by the way, I have been thinking of cutting it,” he announced, inspecting the top of his head in the mirror.Her eyes widened. She took a breath, feeling it stay in her chest. Swallowing, she cleared her throat, asking, “Why?”He shrugged, seemingly unaffected by her surprise. “I dunno. It just feels like it’s time to get it lopped off.”Chloe furrowed her brows and set her laptop on the pillow. She pushed herself off the bed, her socked feet hitting the floor with more force than intended. “You do?”“Like I said, I dunno. The jury’s still out.”Chloe’s frown cut a deep line through her face. She couldn’t imagine him with short hair. Her mind tried to rationalize Bobby with a crew cut, but she rejected it with a full-body shudder. She loved running her fingers through his hair when they were relaxing, although she loathed anyone touching hers. If he cut his hair, which was within his right, then she would miss rolling his thick curls between her fingers. She’d miss watching it splay around his head on the pillow while he slept. She even liked when it had a sheen of grease matting his bangs to his forehead from an arduous overnight mission. He simply would not be Bobby without his long, wild mane.“Maybe a few inches off...everywhere?” he asked, sounding like he was directing the question to himself. He gathered his hair in the back. With the thickness of his hair, it appeared like he was holding a small, fiery bush behind him. “Maybe I can have a lot of inches chopped off and get the length to my chin.”“No!” Chloe exclaimed, her voice cracking.Bobby’s hands jerked away from his hair. Chloe’s cheeks darkened as he gazed at her, gawking at her shout. Chloe decided that the carpet seemed very interesting in that second, the light in the bathroom casting Bobby’s shadow across it.“I mean-” She cleared her throat, the hue on her freckled cheeks lightening as she regained her composure. “-I can’t tell you what to do with your hair. The decision is yours to make, but personally, I prefer your hair when it’s longer.”Bobby looped a low-hanging curl around his finger. The corner of his mouth lifted in a smirk. Amusement twinkled in his eyes as he placed his hands on the back of his head, tussling his hair one last time for extra volume.“It’s cool, babe. I know how much you like it,” he said with a wink.Chloe smiled, relieved, but still remarked, “You don’t have to keep it long for my sake.”He shook his head. “Nah. I’d look like shit otherwise.” Grinning, he pointed at her, then to himself. “You rock the short hair, and I’ll rock the long hair. Deal?”Chloe reached up with both hands and threaded her fingers through his hair. It maintained a rather silky quality in addition to its volume and thickness, again thanks to the conditioner. “It’s a deal, but you look handsome either way,” she said, taking her time to untangle a knot he had missed.
PN: The Acrobat, The Alien, and The AbyssWaves rippled against the shore. Not a single line of foam was left behind when the water receded. Mirtala stood by the shoreline, digging her toes into the wet sand. When another wave lapped across her feet, she sighed, the lukewarm water pleasant under the beating hot sun.Lake Oblongata was clearer than Mirtala expected. Considering Whispering Rock was a summer camp, she anticipated a spread of liquid filth in the lake. Instead of soda cans and rotten fish carcasses contaminating the lake, the water retained a soft, pleasant green hue, untainted.And not a creepy cursed hand in sight, she thought, giggling to herself.With quick steps, she hurried onto the docks. Her feet pitter-pattered on the creaking wooden planks. She kept one hand on the rope railing, a slight coarseness brushing against her palm as she ran.Mirtala approached the bathysphere and grinned at her distorted reflection. She flashed pearly white, crooked teeth at herself. She had tied her usual ringlets into a high ponytail, leaving her precious bells locked and secured in the trunk underneath her bunk. Instead of her usual attire of her mother’s handstitched linen garbs, she wore a garishly yellow swimsuit. Whispering Rock’s logo was emblazoned on the front. It had been given to her on her first day by Milla Vodello, who in her humble opinion was the best Psychonaut, when she admitted to never owning one.“If you were cursed to drown, swimming will be the last thing you wanna do. Take it from me,” Mirtala had joked, but Milla didn’t laugh. Instead, she had retrieved a leftover, unused swimsuit from the closet in the lodge and gifted it to her.But as she reminisced, the water broke in the bathysphere’s reflection. Waves jutted upwards and onto the docks. Droplets licked her ankles. Mirtala’s eyes widened, and her lips tightened into a thin line. Her shoulders hitched upwards, and she pivoted on her heels, disbelief etched into her expression.A human hand grabbed the soggy wood. Mirtala’s worries deflated instantly.Chloe pulled herself onto the planks and sat down. Water gushed out from her helmet and poured onto her knees. She shook her head, spraying droplets in every direction. “Give a girl a warning before you pop out of nowhere,” Mirtala teased, skipping over to her.Chloe turned her head, nodding in acknowledgement. “Greetings, Mirtala. I rarely see you by the lake.”She shrugged and plopped next to her. “This place isn’t really for me. I like the woods more.” She grinned, leaning closer. “Anyway, what’s up?”“What is up is that I’m researching aquatic lifeforms. New underwater creatures have made Lake Oblongata their home,” Chloe replied, dipping her toes back into the lake. “It seems most of them have chosen to live farther out in the lake rather than stay close to the shore.”Mirtala nodded, following Chloe’s gaze when she tilted her head to look at the other side of the docks. “So, were you going to swim farther out?”“Affirmative.” Chloe stood up. She found a sliver of the sun dipping into the lake, casting a blood orange glow onto the water. A shade of violet was painted over the clouds and sky. Humming, she gripped the rope railings. “But there will be no natural light soon. It will be nearly impossible for me to see underwater, but venturing out would be beneficial for my research.” She gandered at Mirtala’s swimsuit. “You are still dry despite wearing that. Did you not swim?”Her eyebrows raised. The question hit her like a brick to the skull. “Oh, uh, I was going to,” Mirtala mumbled, rubbing her neck. “I guess I lost track of time trying to find, um, a scavenger hunt item.”“Which one?”Mirtala glanced at the water. “The voodoo doll.”“It is located in the lodge above the rafters.” Chloe crossed her arms. “You are fibbing.”Grimacing, Mirtala huffed and mimed Chloe’s pose. “You’re too keen for your own good. You’re lucky you’re cute or I’d take your helmet off and keep it for myself.”Mirtala noticed the corners of Chloe’s lips rising in a slight grin behind her faceplate. Chloe glanced at her up and down, her expression retaining perfect neutrality. Not a hint of emotion betrayed her thoughts.“I remember from our first week of camp,” Chloe said, leaning into the railing, “that when you swam for the first time, you could only, as humans say, ‘doggy paddle.’”Chagrin painted two scarlet splotches on her freckled cheeks. Someone her age should have already learned a variety of swimming techniques. Freestyle stroke, backstroke, butterfly stroke, she should have mastered them when she was younger, but the curse had stripped her family of those opportunities.She was still young. There wasn’t anything impeding her from learning how to swim. And she was an acrobat who flipped, twirled, and somersaulted in midair. Coordination was her middle name, and she had learned to doggy paddle before any of her siblings knew how to float.But in summer camp, there came a stigma. Everyone else knew how to swim. They were diving, cannonballing, and swimming laps around her. While she remained by the shore, the PSI cadets embraced the call of the ocean, and she resented how carelessly they threw themselves into the water.“Mirtala?” Chloe asked, and she jumped, snapping her head up. “I am sorry if I assumed. You seemed deep in thought.”“Well, when you have to live with a curse dead set on drowning you from the moment you’re born, you don’t tend to swim,” she remarked, bitterness coating each word.Chloe hummed. It was a sound Mirtala usually heard when something struck Chloe’s interest. She couldn’t count the amount of times Chloe hummed during the day. There was always so much happening around camp that piqued her curiosity. Whether it was the discovery of a new trail or drama among the campers, Mirtala knew Chloe was already thinking of ways to pursue what interested her. Some might have deemed it socially awkward, but Mirtala thought it was one of Chloe’s more interesting quirks with how her scratchy voice reverberated and pitched at the end of the note.Much to Mirtala’s bewilderment, Chloe reached out and took her hand. She guided her to the other railing, saying, “Then, perhaps you can accompany me. As we discussed, I would like to go out a little farther for continued exploration. At the same time, you can have some experience swimming. Is that feasible?”“Like an underwater date!” Mirtala gushed, pumping her fists in the air. Any traces of spite vanished in the blink of an eye.“It would be more like an underwater excursion.”“Same difference.”“There is actually a large difference between the meanings of those words.” Chloe raised the upper rope and stepped through them She held it for Mirtala, who squeezed herself through as well. “So, here is what we will do. I don’t believe it would be wise if you clung to me.”“That would definitely be a one-way ticket to Drown Town,” Mirtala said, nodding.“Instead, take my hand-” Chloe grabbed Mirtala’s hand and squeezed. “-and we will swim in tandem.”A grin split on Mirtala’s face. She nodded and laced their fingers together. Chloe held out her other hand in front of them. She extended three fingers one at a time. On three, they took deep breaths, held them, and dove into the water.Mirtala squinted. The water was surprisingly murkier below the surface. The docks became nothing but shadows above her head. She felt Chloe tug on her hand and was dragged down. She kicked her legs, her hand still being pulled by Chloe through the water. Despite the growing chill as they descended, warmth in Chloe’s palm spread up Mirtala’s arm and soothed her.They found an odd, unified rhythm, although Chloe pulled most of their weight. Mirtala felt the water press down on her back and core. But at the same time, she was weightless, like she would float to the surface at any second. The colors of the water had darkened, shades of green and blue with hints of orange sparkling by to the surface. Coming closer was the sandy ground, the water billowing grains and pebbles around their ankles. Lungfish swam past them, skimming her legs and feet with their smooth gills. She marveled at the common sight of fish in their natural habitat, something she had never experienced before and almost laughed.She turned her head back to Chloe and focused on her movements. Her legs and arms cut through the waves. The water cast a pleasant glow around Chloe, crowning her helmet like a halo. Wearing her light purple swimsuit as she swam, Chloe seemed majestic, and instead of an alien, Mirtala could have been tricked into believing she was a mermaid.Chloe paused her strokes and spared a glance at Mirtala. They caught eyes, Mirtala feeling her cheeks heat up once again despite the chill in the water. Chloe grinned, straining her rounded cheeks. Mirtala returned it with one of her own, snorting air bubbles out of her nose as she tried not to laugh.But her delight overwhelmed her. Laughter escaped her. Air bubbles spewed out of Mirtala’s mouth. Her eyes shot open. She struggled to close her mouth, jerking her hands to her lips. She swallowed, choking on sandy water. Her lungs compressed, lightheadedness coming in hard and blurring the corners of her eyes. She pawed at the water, her fingers gliding through it in a blind panic until Chloe found her hands.Chloe kicked upwards. She rapidly pumped her legs, keeping Mirtala steady. Mirtala burbled weak, frenetic cries, which went unanswered as Chloe shot for the surface. Mirtala nestled into her neck, pushing Chloe’s helmet aside. A muffled yelp erupted from Chloe as it toppled off her head, drifting below them, but hearing Mirtala whimper into her ear, she shivered and quickened her ascent.Mirtala broke the surface. She gagged on her own breathing. She rapidly blinked water out of her eyes, her surroundings becoming more like a strobe light. Gasping, she whirled in place, her hands instinctively paddling in place to keep her afloat.“Chloe?” she called, shivering.Chloe popped up behind her, and Mirtala yipped. She clutched her helmet to her chest. Smoothing her short, blonde bangs back, Chloe fixed her lopsided bow, and Mirtala wondered how it managed to stay on her head underwater. Chloe wiped her eyes, which Mirtala noticed were an even brighter shade of green. They were normally darkened by the faceplate, but up close, they reminded Mirtala of the clear cuts of jade her mother kept in her jewelry box. “Are you okay? Sorry I knocked off your helmet,” Mirtala asked as Chloe caught her breath.“My helmet is secured, and I am fine, earthling. I’m more concerned about you. Your reaction was quite severe,” she replied, setting her helmet on her head.“Me?” She pointed at herself and chuckled. “Aw, I’m okay. Nearly drowning is normalized in my family, but I guess even someone as cool-headed as me can panic sometimes.”Chloe hummed. “That is a very disconcerting and possibly untrue statement.”Mirtala giggled. “I know, but at least I’m not hotwiring cars to explode like Maloof’s family.” She thrust herself towards the shore, kicking and splashing water onto Chloe. “Oops! My bad.”“Beginner’s mistake. No harm done,” she said, following her.They swam back to the docks. Chloe slowed down to keep her pace with Mirtala’s sloppier swimming technique. As they swam, the sun shone a brilliant scarlet across the lake and stretched their shadows across the water. Mirtala glanced over her shoulder, taking in the sight with a small smile on her face. She bobbed in place, slapping the water as she paddled to stay afloat. Stray waves pushed her around, knocking into her shoulders and jaw, and she laughed, thoroughly enjoying what the water provided her.Chloe reached the docks first and hoisted herself up. Mirtala followed suit, scooting on to the center of the planks. She stumbled to her feet, and her knees knocked together. Gazing out at the lake, Mirtala grinned. She leaned over the railing facing the shore, a school of lungfish scurrying underneath the docks. Peering over her shoulder at Chloe, she asked, “Hey, I’m up for more underwater exploring if you are. Do you wanna keep swimming?” She snickered. “I promise I won’t make you drop your helmet into the abyss this time.”Chloe squinted at the sunset. “There is approximately fifteen minutes before the lake is in total darkness.” She cupped her chin and nodded. “I believe that is enough time for another quick investigation.”“Yay!” Mirtala wasted no time snatching Chloe’s hand and plunging over the railing.“Ah, hey, wait a min-!”Chloe’s voice was silenced by the water breaching her airwaves. She flopped over onto her back, diving downwards as Mirtala kicked her hands and feet to go lower. Mirtala resembled more of a strange, limping frog than a swimmer, but Chloe kept that mental image to herself. Mirtala smiled at her, and Chloe was compelled to return it, her arm brushing against Mirtala’s shoulder.Their hands found each other again. Together, they dove into the depths of Lake Oblongata.
PN: Valentine, You're a HorseJT frowned at the cartoon pony leering at him with dead violet eyes. The pink background and bedazzled coat of arms trapped her in a pastel prison. The glossy sheen coating the card seemed unnatural over the muted colors. He lowered his gaze to the inscription in a darker shade of pink, pursing his lips as he read the caption.Sitting next to him at a table in the agents’ break room, Chops swung his arm around JT’s shoulders and grinned. He jostled him slightly, his grin infectious. Tilting his head, he asked, “So, what do you think?”“Well, I’m wondering where in tarnation did you get this card? Definitely not Hallmark, right?” JT retorted, arching an eyebrow.“It’s the finest Valentine’s Day card offered by Google Images. Let me tell you, the girl at Staples was thrilled when she saw it and got to apply the gloss.” Chops patted his back, chuckling. “I knew it would leave you speechless.”JT snorted and pressed the card to his chest. His mouth twitched into a tight smile. Considering Chops enjoyed his fair share of antics, gifting JT a My Little Pony Valentine’s Day card with an altered caption was right up his alley.“Oh, I got one more for you,” Chops said, reaching into his back pocket. He handed JT a smooth envelope, grinning from ear to ear.“Is it another peculiar varmint of cartoon pony?” JT asked, tearing off the top of the envelope.He placed his hand over his heart and looked away, closing his eyes. “I won’t confirm nor deny anything.”JT removed the card. A glittery sheen brushed across the yellow and orange striped front. He flipped it open, his sense for normalcy thrown out the window instantaneously when he locked eyes with another horse.Blood red and gold dyed the background. In the foreground, the yellow horse stood on her hind legs. She carried a straw basket overflowing with several miniature copies of her head. She grinned at JT, holding up her head like an offering as if she expected him to eat it.Taking a deep breath, JT read the caption as Chops snorted behind his hand, “‘You.’”Chops threw his head up and wheezed. He clapped JT’s shoulder, hunching forward and laughing at the top of his lungs. Struggling to catch his breath, he pointed at JT, his chest heaving, unable to contain his sheer amusement.“Valentine, you’re a horse!” Chops rasped out, slapping his knee.As Chops broke into a fresh peel of laughter, JT closed his eyes and grinned. The other agents, accustomed to Chops’ brand of humor, paid them no mind. He set the cards on the desk, took off his hat, and buried his face into it, stifling his laughter.
PN: Angling in the Deep SeaChloe grumbled, narrowing her eyes on the monitors. One dark green screen showed how far they descended, now approaching four thousand feet. Much to her displeasure, another one with the map fizzled in and out. It showed the ocean floor with its array of sand, stones, and subtle waves caused by the submarine lowering itself into the cavern. But it flickered and went gray before returning every few seconds. Even worse, the sonar showing the location of their objective continuously moved beyond her understanding. One minute it was at a certain pair of coordinates, the next it had moved farther into the grotto, baffling Chloe as she knew what they needed to find was stationary. It should not have been able to budge, especially not in its current state and thousands of feet below the surface..“Did the electricians not bother to give any of this a cursory system scan before we boarded? And they rushed us before I could give the communications cable a good look,” Chloe groaned and dragged her hand down her cheek.At her side, Bobby watched the screens with equal frustration. He ran his fingers through his hair, scowling. “And they had the balls to say there was no time to get one of the better subs. Jeez, it’s not like anyone was using them.”Chloe nodded and leaned back in her seat. She crossed her arms and glanced around the submarine. It was rather small, compact to the point of near claustrophobia. Bobby was made to continuously crouch if he stood, and even with his hair in a bushy ponytail, it still connected with the ceiling. The soft blue lighting did them no favors as it made the screens seem washed-out. They had to squint at the various displays showcasing the navigation system’s information pertaining to the cavern’s rocky, narrow passages.They winced as the submarine nudged into one of the walls. It jarred the entire ship, causing an alarm to flash bright red lights in their eyes and unleash a keening sound echoing throughout the chamber. Chloe clapped her hands over her ears, wishing she had her helmet to buffer the noise. Catching himself on her chair, Bobby grit his teeth and quickly snatched the helm, steering to the right. Chloe breathed out a sigh of relief, thankful the ship had not maintained damage according to another fizzling scanner. As soon as they were out of harm’s way, the lights returned to their regular blue hue, the silence more than appreciated as their ears still rang from the sudden, sharp noise.“HQ can dish out money for a barber shop, but they can’t fix us a nice submarine,” Bobby snapped, keeping a firm grip on the helm. He sighed and crossed his legs, tapping his boot on his knee. Looking at Chloe out of the corner of her eye, he asked, “Any luck or did this thing hightail it outta here and I gotta put us in reverse?” He tilted his head when she remained silent, her eyes wide and focused on another monitor. “Chloe? You see something?”She gestured for him to come closer. Bobby leaned into her, resting one hand on her shoulder. He tilted his head, furrowing his brows before quietly gasping, unsure of what to make of the oddities.“What the hell are those things?” Bobby breathed out.From the depths, they emerged rotted. With what appeared to be pockets of open scales and fangs overlapping where an upper lip should have been, the fish swarmed the bottom of the cavern. They twisted around one another, their vacant, black eyes reflecting the submarine. Only the light purple dots decorating the underside of their scales gave them some semblance of normalcy.But mingling with them were far more grotesque fish, ones that made the corners of Bobby’s mouth lift in a grin. They were distorted, mangled husks of fish with leathery orange skin. Their mouths gaped with jagged, uneven teeth, their overbites massive. The lures on their heads swayed in the water, their soft luminescence the only source of genuine light in the grotto.“The snaggletooth dragonfish and the deep-sea anglerfish,” Chloe said, rubbing her chin. “It seems we’ve uncovered a den.” She hummed. “I’m used to seeing the widely known darker gray anglerfish, but I suppose this is a regional variant.”“Man, the Gulf of Mexico has some nasty fish,” Bobby said, an airy quality to his voice.“Nasty as in good or nasty as in bad?”He snickered, grinning at her. “Hell, I’ll go with both, that’s how freaky they are. They look like they belong in a Lucio Fulci movie.”Chloe chuckled, nodding. “They do look like they’ve risen from the dead-” She pointed to an anglerfish swimming away from the group, its lure swishing from side to side. “-especially this one. It has a green hue that...”Chloe trailed off, lowering her finger. That particular anglerfish’s entire body jostled as it swam. Its jaws tried clamping shut, but something prevented it. It gnawed on something, causing its body to continue pulsing with a lime green aura, a color that was not a part of their natural physiology.“Oh, that motherfucker giving us the runaround,” Bobby hissed, pulling away and grabbing the helm.Inside the anglerfish’s mouth was a jar. Within that was a brain bobbing from side to side. Bobby wasted no time steering after the fish, asking Chloe if could grab it. She nodded and set two fingers to her temple, extending her right hand out to the windowpane. Her telekinetic hand appeared outside of the submarine. She took a breath and held it, carefully pushing it through the water until it appeared over the anglerfish. She pinched her forefinger and thumb together, slowly wiggling it into the fish’s mouth. She felt the smooth curve of the jar around her palm, and she cupped it, keeping it secure in her grasp.So surprised by the sudden force in its jaw, the anglerfish released the jar. It floundered, wobbling in place as Chloe dragged the jar to the submarine. The fish seemed to contemplate its next move before scurrying back to the others, eager to flee.Bobby rotated a switch as Chloe pulled in the jar. A compartment underneath the submarine opened. Using a monitor to guide her hand, she slipped the jar into it. Once safely inside, Bobby toggled the switch, closing it, and they watched it rise into the belly of the ship, spilling water on the bridge.Chloe bent over and took the jar. She ran her fingers along the sides and found no cracks, but she frowned nonetheless. The small brain shivered in the translucent green liquid.“Well, the girl’s brain is safe. No external or internal damage from what I can surmise,” she said, sitting next to Bobby. “I’m sure they’ll be able to rebrain her and return her to the senator’s side in no time.”Bobby huffed out a breath, turning the submarine around with a casual flick of his hand. “Good thing, too. Those fish were starting to get ideas.”When he hitched his thumb at the display showing the cavern floor, Chloe looked and snickered. All of the fish watched them, mouths still gaping open. It was as if Chloe and Bobby had been tattled on by the anglerfish for stealing what might have been its meal.“Bye-bye, no brain food for you,” Bobby sneered, waving at the monitor, and Chloe laughed, tucking the jar to the chest as he set a course for headquarters.
Raz Cosplay by HauntedLantern
Psychonauts Raz and Lili cosplays by Possumato
The psychic stance by Arcade-cutie
Razputin Aquato by Arcade-cutie
Fan Characters
psychonauts ocs by KnackMaster77
Toongirl (Psychonauts style) by Toongirl18
Psychonaut Robert by R-Poole
Agent puff on duty by mewmewneowmiss
Wallpaper and stamps
Bullying Event by sonicsora
Picnic Snark and Psychic Battles by sonicsora
Admiral? by sonicsora
Camp Conversation by sonicsora
Psychonauts Emotional Baggage Plush by kadajs-kitsune
Psychonauts Smelling Salts by kadajs-kitsune
Linda the Lungfish Plush by DonutTyphoon
A Little Loboto Lad Plush by DonutTyphoon


Given the game's release date has been pushed back to 2020 as of E3, I figure this won't be an issue for a while, but I wanted to make it clear for you guys.

When Psychonauts 2 does come out, I'll be turning away any more spoiler-y fanart for a good month or two to avoid people who follow the club being spoiled of the new games plot or twists likely to come. I don't have a set specific date of when I'll be accepting spoileriffic fanart, but I'll update you guys when that comes up.

As of now, drawing the characters in their new outfits or making jokes about the current E3 stuff is more than fine! So, if you've submitted art of that so far, don't sweat it. After this point, I'll be a little more strict about spoilers to avoid anyone being spoiled.

If you guys have any questions, concerns or suggestions don't be afraid to hit me up or talk amongst yourselves in the comments!
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