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I volunteer  at a seniors home in the memory care unit working with clients with Dementia.  It amazes me what art can do in this situation.    There was a man who just  arrived on this unit and he was very confused. One of the workers suggested  that he would be a good person to  try to get engaged.  He was very confused and wanted to go home and kept mentioning that he has paints at home  and I was like  well we have paints here why don't we paint right now. It took a while but I finally got him to sit down and gave him some paint to paint a ceramic eagle that had been sitting with the craft supplies for a long time.  I was already working with three  ladies on another paint project.  Anyways he started to paint and he settled right down and really got into it.  He seemed to calm down and for that short period of time  he didn't seem so confused.   Another lady got so into painting she did not want to stop. It was time to clean up and she said I could paint forever.   Everything I do  I have a  plan going in but I kind of let it go from there.  It's amazing once you get people started with art how it just happens. Some people get into it more then others.  The one lady just loved watching me  do silly stuff with paint. Nothing like making someone laugh because you paint your hand in paint and put a handprint on there paper and then offer to paint there hand and she's like no and I'm like should I paint my hand another colour and she is like yes.   She seemed fascinated just watching me paint simple things.   I kept trying to prompt her to paint herself but she didn't want to but she seemed very engaged when I was just playing with paint and doing very basic stuff with paint.  This shows me that  even  watching someone else do art  can be therapeutic.   I am just very grateful I have the chance to use something I am passionate about...Art to help other people.
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The Rational Shrimp (Part 2)I was up late the night of the day I awoke a shrimp to the use of human reason. To get my mind off things, I decided to go to school for anthropology.Four years later I was spelunking the recently unveiled Mayan caves in the forests of Guatemala and Yucatan. They were tunnels of amber-colored rock which went on and on, winding up and down, side to side. They werenít quite as human-shaped like I remembered in that documentary my friend showed me the day before, where the pathways interestingly had a little extra space for the head and shoulders. They were more like the shape of an eye or the meeting place of a Ven Diagram turned sideways. In fact, the floor and ceiling were so smooth they were almost polished, as if by water. There was a long way to go, so we went fast, almost running, up and down, side to side. I spelunked those caves, let me tell you; I spelunked them all the way to Australia.In Australia, my team and I stood on a very bare, light sandy beach on a bright, sunny day. I had almost forgotten about the team; they, a man and a woman, were always behind me, even though I was the youngest member and not the leader. We were there to survey the wildlife, looking out for anything unusual, but before getting started, I stared off into the ocean horizon. It was peaceful, the only sound coming from the gentle waves. I almost forgot why I was here. Eventually, I noticed that the team, again behind me, was talking about a creature that washed up in front of my feet.Once my eyes shifted their focus, we gazed at the creature with the same stillness as I had had over the water. Each of us took turns murmuring about what we saw, our voices never rising above the waves, searching for words and not finding them. Least of all did I know how I felt about it. I felt many feelings though, fascination and eeriness among them.It was a crustacean; that much I have established. If I had to narrow it down to one creature which I know exists, my first thought would have been a lobster. But that canít be all; itís face was much too human. But it wasnít a human face. It was as if the shell over the face of the crustacean had been reshaped to have just the essential proportions and featuresóblurred together as they wereóof a human face, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, but without awkwardly jutting off from its body. It had a pinkish shell over most of its body, but the face was almost white. What expression did it have?óor, did it have an expression, really?óit was, after all, a solid shell over the flesh of its face, wasnít it? Was it simply a blank, neutral face, or had some shock fixed it to a frozen stupor? The creature was completely still, my body was still, even my eyes were still upon the creature, but the image would not stay still on my mind. It shifted, my mind toyed with it, it danced; it shifted color, it became transparent, it lost color; it dimmed, it brightened. But none of these changes were dramatic; sometimes I forgot I was looking at it and thinking about it while it was before my eyes. The face also slightly reminded me of a catís face, probably owing to its meeting somewhere between that of a man and a crustacean. But its body was more like the size and proportion of a cat, a fat housecat. That crustacean was so fleshy and fat, the ridges of its shell-segments were all pressed and flattened together. Whatever questions troubled me over one feature or another, concerning its place in the animal kingdom, its legs and crust declared its station.And so, the more I looked, the less my mind cared to know what it was doing, the less my affections cared to be affected. I donít remember what happened between here and our return to the eye-shaped cave tunnels, but that was our next destination, home. I trusted one of the more senior team-members had taken whatever samples or pictures were necessary and that there was no more to be done. We were rushing even more quickly this time, I suppose because it was getting late, but it didnít seem entirely necessary. It isnít as if we depended on sunlight in there. Come to think of it, Iím not sure where our dim lighting was coming from. They were behind me, pressing me on, the two of them discussing the way to go. Apparently, we took a different tunnel back, because we were just going up and up and up. Why didnít we take this tunnel on the way over?I did not reflect on these things until I got home and had slept.

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A loosely moderated group with a life of its own. The subject is Psychology the interpretation is limitless. Submit to the folder you think appropriate. You can always submit to not sure. Maybe someone will move it to the "right" place or leave it in "not sure". A limit of 3 submissions a week. Entries that catch a moderators eye may be moved into the featured folder. Sometimes we're super, sometimes we're not.
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