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Cannot reject one or the other.
Yet cannot seem to attract either.
Ever a pulsating force of wills.
Where the contridiction is the face of humanity.
Going against the mind and soul.
And pushing through the heart and body of it all.
Fear nothing and embrace everything.
Or reverse it all and obtain oblivion?
"There's no honour amongst the will of humanity"
If there is nothing, then what is honour?
"Hold nothing but the final weapon and carry out the mission..."
And what? Die?
"No, live."
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 1 0
Enigmatic Box of Sound
No sight to see the world yet I can feel it on the very tips of my fingers.
Deaf to every word spoken yet able to speak in an entirely different way
Scarred yet appearing to radiate nothing but a beauty unlike any other.
Losing footing yet still able to cross the roads of the world freely.
Without guidance at arm's reach yet understood through the window of the soul.
And each one singing their own song in harmony to become one with another.
Nothing like becoming their own music box to draw an enigma to themselves.
Enter Wiosna.
And leave with a heart rebuilt from nothing but a desire to cling onto hope.
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 0 4
The infinite nova
Move in and out of reality.
Not giving two thoughts about where you end up.
The music bursting in pops and pushes.
Being stretched back and forth like you had no ties.
In your own place, zone, element.
Stand-alone and exerting every force imaginable.
Just to be seen by everything circling you.
You want to draw them in and keep their distance.
Just count them all, they all pale in comparison.
And you're within your own flaming passion.
A nova within a dark space of individuality.
Reach out, spread out, run out. Go without stopping.
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 0 0
The door of fate that we choose
Never the same door twice.
Will we ever meet up again?
Are we going see one another?
There's no answer.
Door's one way only.
Is this the hallway to the finish?
Has fate determined where we're going?
The signs point only forward.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Don't forget will you?
For sometimes I hate the idea of fate.
And these doors won't stay open.
But other times I love the idea of it.
Do you know why?
It opens another door to another fate.
Some different destination we never heard of.
And the best thing is... we choose it.
Have you heard of the story of Mary and her three lambs?
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 1 0
Jammed reset
Unable to go back.
Stutter, stare, freeze.
Not able to move away.
Stare, raise, cower.
Pressured into the flow.
Turn, run, sprint.
Break out of cycle.
Breathe, recompose, analyse.
Regress into the former.
It will never be the same...
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 0 0
Phasing the Elevating Rain
Pressing on.
Open passage.
Input, glow.
Top of the world.
Waiting, listening.
Lights going off.
Numbers and letters.
Interfaced with strangers.
Destined for destination.
Stop for release.
Float back down again.
Towards suspended movement.
Grounded again.
With rain, space.
Beckoning another ride?
Elation and relation. No amount of direction can force a lost soul through the masses.
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 0 0
The beatsmith
The ohhh's and ahhh's of the night.
With people watching with their starry eyed gazes.
To stay with the crowd, holding off the gravity?
Or be at peace with an everlasting feeling...
Only time will tell for those that keep walking.
Going in like a tank, with nothing but the ambition.
The force that puts us at war with ourselves and others.
With the experiment tearing us apart, shattering all heart.
Until we brave another winter, all that we do is stay within an interlude.
A desire to just relax... wait a while longer.
Until the end comes to reclaim the aftermath from us.
All we can do is just remain a stranger within a beat-ridden world.
The B-side will be heard after this small break in life...
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 0 1
Temper temper.
Rock back and forth.
Slow it down.
Pulse and break.
Sway and dwindle.
Rise and hold.
Drop and mellow.
Beep, beep, beep.
The music and the soul.
Reunite and relocate.
Ambition's aftermath.
Ready to forge another heartbeat.
Music has no alliance. Just time and a message no words can convey.
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 0 1
Dead shell
You got me.
No place to run.
No one to hide behind.
Just don't let me feel pain.
No more drawing it out.
Just... make me lose it.
Lose this sanity.
Lose that shred of hope.
Lose the one part that united us all.
Recreate my soul.
My entire being that you have come to know.
Break it all.
Let it drop.
You know you can't win everything.
And you can't lose what you don't got.
It's for the best.
Logic will forgive you.
And karma will reclaim you.
Far cry from the depths of deaf destruction, Psydeus.
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 2 0
OD with the drop
One beat.
Drawn breath.
Another beat.
Grasping on straws.
Beat again.
Drained out.
Beat beat.
Last beat.
Eyes now lifeless.
The last moment between pleasure and life on a gamble.
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 0 0
Dropped the shrapnel.
Playing the odds.
Pause. Think. Draw.
Three rounds fired.
Nothing showed up.
Fire another shot.
Misfired. Turn away.
Another pause, draw.
Reached the river.
Long range gamble.
One final shot.
Target destroyed. Success.
Move against the masses.
Running against the flow.
The blitzkrieg will end.
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 1 0
Furore of the flames
Sparks fly.
Molotovs thrown around.
Tempers flare.
Rage peaks boiling.
The words.
Gossip spreading anger.
The secrets.
Kept outta sight.
Whispers dies.
Eyes gaze on.
Guns fired.
The chase begins.
Once again.
Nothing spared tonight.
No fear.
The code doesn't apply to those with no relevance.
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 1 0
The man with the bop gun
The lights flicker.
Was he dead?
All cats cheating.
Looking real cool.
Running real tight.
White on whites.
Fifteenth frame in.
Nine ball game.
Taking to play.
A strange cat.
Medium build chap.
Funny top hat.
Guns in fray.
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 2 0
Split note
Strings are drawn.
Trebles and clefts raised into the air.
Pointed at us both.
We were fated to never be.
But I wouldn't care.
I had become a part of your world.
And created a hell within a haven.
All out of spite for change.
I swore to help.
To protect you when I have to.
And nothing will deny me that.
Not even the silencing death.
The notes have drawn a split sound. Pulled away from another essence.
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 0 0
Breaking the sky's wave
Revelation for you and me both.
I've kept that part of you as my own little piece of heaven and hell.
Kept it in my own mind and sanctum.
Just to sustain an empty shell for my soul to exist.
You, Viola.
You are her.
She is your essence.
You manifested out of love and fear of pain.
That very pain that shatterred the very essence that created me.
I, Amerius, am him.
A fragmented piece of him that became an entity to drive a story.
A story that reflected both of us as water reflects the sky in kind.
A voice that wanted to cry out for you.
A presence to be felt by no other.
A story that should never be forgotten or ignored.
A connection that binded us at the core.
Recollection is up to you.
Redemption beckons for us.
Resolution will drive the decision.
Realisation is the key for it all.
Lacrimo maero, world. For the story ends here...
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 0 0
The silence
I see him. Smiling. Just smiling.
Whenever I catch that small glimpse of him...
He just... smiles at me.
Small, wide, softly or even a weak one.
It's like... he's trying to be strong when he isn't.
What is he smiling for? I haven't done anything at all yet.
Not my music or even a simple conversation in between.
Only a spontaneous smile that no logic or reason could comprehend.
Maybe... this is how it feels to be in a state of silence...
Not knowing what to do and not able to make out the situation of it all.
Just... 'smile'.

Amerius, that characteristic about you may be your strength and your weakness at the same time.
:iconpsychol0gist:Psychol0gist 0 0

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Welcome the aria...
Pulsing the median...
Dropping the rhythm...
Raising the crescendo...
Let fall the harmony...
And nothing left but the finale...
Only to be left with an encore no-one listens.



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