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Names on the Ground

By psychol-bob
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Logline: A dramatic comedy about a chance moment between two friends, a mortician and a pair of rivaling teenagers.

A short screenplay, 24 pages. You will need Adobe Reader to view this script (click download on the side).

To the real Anthony, may you rest in peace.
© 2008 - 2020 psychol-bob
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Animeisfun777Student Filmographer
Good script man, I hope you get a good career out of writing.
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I really like this, a great idea and very moving while entertaining.
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TanyaMarcyStudent General Artist
Absolutely wonderful. I really connected with all of the characters, and there's just the right balance between drama and comedy. I love the idea of two teenagers decorating graves for a hobby. :lol: Amazing writing.
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Doubtful-DellaProfessional Photographer
I read this for the film contest. Great writing, very moving. I am only confused as to why the mortician owe's the kids. That whole part confused the heck out of me. I re-read it about five times, and still don't get what happened.
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I had that confusion too - the body the kids exposed was of an old white man and the family in mourning were black - the word 'black' is omitted but later she is referred to as the old black woman from the casket incident, or something along those lines...
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Doubtful-DellaProfessional Photographer
Right, so I think they were burying the wrong body... but I'd still be mad at the kid
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ooh, good point. The funeral accident got me wondering why the Mortician didn't kick their asses. But I thought it too hilarious to take out, I couldn't think of a better one up at the moment, and it was the biggest incident that tested his patience with these kids. I also had a page limit at the time I was writing this and could have written down additional adventures why the mortician "owes" or allows these kids to stick around the cemetery (They probably saved the cemetery from bankruptcy at one point). But its a given no matter what mayhem ensues, both the mortician and the kids have gone a long way and are inseparable.
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Doubtful-DellaProfessional Photographer
I just didn't understand what happened. The kids knocked over the casket and a white guy fell out of it.... so how did that save the funeral director?
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I don't want to force an explanation, but probably* the funeral was meant for someone who was mistakenly pronounced dead (who's actually alive) and the wrong body was put in there and all was forgiven (You'll notice at the end some of the people from the funeral). It was a scene that was conjured up during procrastination and caffeine. Even though it didn't make sense, the randomness gave me a good laugh and I figured it kept the rhythm of the story going.
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Doubtful-DellaProfessional Photographer
Ahhh okay
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JessaMarHobbyist Writer
That is so moving and well-written. I like the way it all builds up to the ending.
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BeccaJSHobbyist Writer
Congratulations on the DD!
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This is honestly one of the most wonderful things I've read on Deviantart for quite some time.

I enjoyed every millisecond of reading your piece.

There was something about it that just... captivated my imagination and inspired me to be a better person. Honestly. I love you? Haha, not honestly, but it's pretty close.

Thanks for being epic.
psychol-bob's avatar
lol, you're welcomed. I love you too ¦3
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LepasProfessional Digital Artist
now you've had two DD's and I've still had none.

You win.

you win by far.
psychol-bob's avatar
Aww. But you've got a pretty big reader/fan base.

Do I win over sushi :< ?
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LepasProfessional Digital Artist
hey, comic con 09 should involve you, me, and some sushi.
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finnchickHobbyist Digital Artist
Thats wonderfull!

I really enjoyed it!

Im not normally a literature reader on DA but this was great!

congrats on the DD!
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Oh wow, that really moved me.
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I'm so glad I looked at the DDs today :). How beautiful, and a bit whimsical while still serious. It's been awhile since I've read a screenplay that actually seemed to mean something to me... :heart:
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That's amazing--wow, it almost made me cry D:

You're an amazing writer. Really. :nod:
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Beautiful stories like this are the ones that make me want to buy a bunch of flowers, go to the cemetary, and put one flower at every grave. :) It was a very sweet and simple read, and I enjoyed it.
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