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Mob Psycho 100 by levidma
Ichi Mezato by Holiron
Mob readers found dead in Miami by iLee-Font
Shigeo Kageyama
MOB100 by Anennioshio
Rkgk by byebyeocean
SEASON 3 SEASON 3 SEASON 3 no glitch by CosmicDib
Mobu by Cath-que-desenha
Arataka Reigen
tired reigen burger by snolar
reigennn nn n !!! yeah ! by snolar
old reigen drawing by snolar
reigen ! by snolar
dimple doodle by CosmicDib
*Possesses You* by CyrusTheEpicDingus
SG Ekubo by Kecchi01
Dimple my boy by snolar
Teruki Hanazawa
MP100 - HBD Teru - 210413 by Hikapi
Teru! by CosmicDib
Teruki by ch0pya
Laughter by ArtsyLilis
Mob psycho 100_S1 Episode 6 by Meg-chan1391
MP100: Something About Her by HaraaJubilee
MP100: Wild At Heart by HaraaJubilee
MP100: Camera Obscura Protector by HaraaJubilee
MP100: Lunar Preparations by HaraaJubilee
MP100: End of the Year Dance by HaraaJubilee
MP100- 90s Kali by Thongchan
Happy Greeniversary 2021 by HaraaJubilee
Mob and Reigen by Glumdelay
100% Chance of Rain by Lasercats6
Recruiting by Kecchi01
Maid brothers! by sakurako20
Mob Psycho 100_ meme parody by Meg-chan1391
SeriRei by Kerkikerk
Minori Asagiri by Kecchi01
MP100: Hikaru by Smokelesseyes
An Average Middle Schooler by iMusicalMinji
MP100 X Arcana the game by Chantalwut
SixFanarts 1 by Nicksplosivez
#SixFanarts By MoreStar by MoreStar
Ritsu Kageyama
Power by Glumdelay
Shou Suzuki
Sho! by CosmicDib
Kurata Tome
Tome Kurata by Kecchi01



Mob's Bowl Cut

Welcome to the Mob Psycho 100 Fan Group!

What is Mob Psycho 100?
For those who might not know, Mob Psycho 100 is a web manga written and drawn by ONE, who is also the creator of One Punch Man. The story centers around Shigeo Kageyama, also known as Mob, a middle school student who also happens to be an Esper.

Even for an esper he has great psychic powers, however he seems to have simple goals that have nothing to do with his powers. He works with his mentor Reigen Arataka who is also totally an esper, and lots of wacky things happen to Mob.

The appeal of the comic is definitely in its blase humor and weird but relatable characters. I recommend visiting the Wiki or Baka Updates for more info.

Group Rules:
Be cool 8)
Submit your own work, no reposting or stealing
Post to the correct folders (they're pretty intuitive but just ask if you're confused)
All things mp100 related! That's the point of this group!
Avatar is by Cioccoretto
Hey all! First and foremost I want to promote our friend :iconmob-psycho-100: Valentine's Day event! Their last event was awesome, so this one is bound to be great too!

Second, I've added a few new folders and moved some submissions around. I'll continue reorganizing a bit (and hopefully get those folders in order), but for now the new folders are for Ritsu, Shou and Kurata.

Lastly, this group was made exactly one year and one month ago! Just thought that was pretty exciting :)
(Though even more exciting is we've almost reached 400 members! Hooray!)
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