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Human torch cover

By psychoheat
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Colored this for fun, it is an awesome piece of art.

Pencils: Skottie Young

Inks: donno

Color: me
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© 2005 - 2021 psychoheat
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God any images from inside the BURN series for these human torch comics ? I can only find the covers, short of buying them theres non online i can find. 
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I do not. you can maybe contact the artist… he may be able to help you with that
can you make this avialable on Photobucket? I woudl really liek to use it I promise to give credit.
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sorry I do not have a photobucket account
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Nice job!?i really admire people who color using the computer because im not really good at coloring...T_T
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Thanks, I appreciate it
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WOW amazing, wish i could draw like you
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he is a great artist
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really nice colours. very, err, fire-like. really though, damn that skottie young. why did he get all the talent!? meh, peace out. ;P
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Yeah he should give away some excess talent he won't miss it :)
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Good picture, get well soon bro.
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Thanks, I'm fully recovered now :)
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Great pic! Somebody's bout ta be extra crispy.
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You deserve the credit man.
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this is incredible man!

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Thanks a lot glad you like it :)
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whats not to like dude?

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This image reminds me of cover art for a KMFDM CD! Way to go :) BTW I did check out your wife's art and her work is pleasant and appealing, children's storybook art~
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Thanks, gld you like it, i'll go check that cover.

she's not my wife she';s the artist that my wife commissioned to meke the portrait, this is my wife ~pochita :)
i love it... its so kool
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Me gusta mucho la paleta de colores, mantiene la misma tonalidad siempre, sin que se vea aburrido :clap:
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