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I really have nothing for bios...
I was young when I got sent away from my parents. About three years old estimated. I was in a foster home for a year and then my grandparents house for another year. My parents on the other hand did absolutely nothing wrong... My dad went to jail but I don't know why since I was so young and my mom visited me only once a month when I was at my grandparents house. By the time I turned eight, everything went back to normal for a year and a half before my parents decided to split up... My mom's new boyfriend was alright but I didn't like him much. I felt so sorry for my dad when my mom cheated on him for I /am/ a daddy's girl. It may not seem like it but I am. I once was spending a few minutes with my father at this time and he gave me something that I've always wanted to find but never could. Four, four leaf clovers on a plastered square of glass. It may sound cheesy but I bawled my eyes out the moment I left because of this. I was nine and didn't know much but I did know that my dad was not worth leaving even if he was not there for eleven years of my whole life and was drunk instead. About a month later my mom realized that her "boyfriend" was not enough to make her leave my father. They didn't get divorced but was so close to it. Our family came back together a few days after and we were happy for three years. I am almost thirteen now and my parents are having problems once again. My father was always drunk when I was little and now he started drinking again. My mother doesn't like it and I can see the hate when they are together. It hurts to see this happen since most of my friend's parents are divorced and they hate their lives. My life may not seem to bad compared to some of yours but through these young, believe it or not, innocent eyes, it is hell. I believed in the happily ever afters in the Disney movies. The prince that will come and take me away from this hell hole like Cinderella, but... I guess it was all just a lie... Just a fantasy that all girls want. I'm not the girliest person ever or the prettiest person in my school or even the most athletic but there is one thing I do know. It is that I have someone that loves me and will take care of me if I need it. They're my life and all that I live for in my suicidal hell hole. I love you, baby and thank you. This is what I need even though your life seems worse than mine in your eyes. I cry everyday from my parents mistake which is unfair. Them changing their lives ruins mine and they don't see that. I guess I deserve all that is happening to me... I have done nothing wrong but past lives catch up to the present and bite you in the ass. Understanding all of my life is hard for most but to me it is easy. It is easy to see things that my parents or siblings don't see even if I am almost legally blind. All I have left to say is thank you mother and father. Thank you for the somewhat image of a happy family. If this is what you wanted then you succeeded.

Good fucking job!


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