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Haven't been here in quite some time. I was thinking of taking up vectoring sooooo I guess I'll post those here when I do?

Also ponies.
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Well, it's November 6th! Less than a week to go until...


My pre-order slip is sitting there on my bookshelf... TAUNTING me... Well, soon enough I'll ditch that little scrap of paper and trade it in for a beauty of a game!!!

...the wait is killing me...

The Duck Has Spoken.
Okay, got my PC! In order to save some dough, I ended up foregoing a new monitor. No prob, the one I have is pretty great. Anywho, I'm totally LOVING this PC!


Model: Acer Aspire E380
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+

Then there's a DVD writer, built-in SD card reader... I LOVE IT! It's not top-of-the-line by any means, but it's a hell of a lot better than my old junk heap.

Oh, and it was refurbished, but I really don't give a crap. Acer themselves performed the overhaul, so I know it's quality. Basically I saved $200 at the cost of... Nothing!

Since then, I've been playing all my old games at full graphical quality. SimCity 4, The Sims, and MORE!!! Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!

The Duck Has Spoken.
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Gah, still no new PC... But MAYBE tomorrow! If not, then the weekend! If not then... Well, crap :|

The Duck Has Spoken.
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Well, about that PC I posted about yesterday... Well, the bonus check my mom got wasn't quite as big as expected... So my PC will either have to be weaker or sans monitor. I'm more willing to go with the latter, personally. My monitor ain't too bad.

But still... :(
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Yay, I'm so happy! I'm finally getting a new PC this week! All I've ever had before was used PCs from friends and my mom's office, nothing special.

But now, I'll be getting an Acer desktop BRAND NEW from Costco! Hooray, hooray, what a wonderful day :D

The Duck Has Spoken.