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Felix Vs Sandbag

This is the intro for newest Fan Character Felix the Vulture.

Thnx to NintendoSteven for help with spriting Felix.
Felix created by YoshiF.
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Sounds like Raphael from TMNT 2003
GhostyStars's avatar
AurenGrey's avatar
my dear that's overkill
GoliathDoesFlash66's avatar
that was awesome, man!
shawnthehedghog's avatar
how you make the felix sprite you use a speciale sheet on sonic??? and  i like your animation i  want make like you
DavidTH90Animations's avatar
somebody tell me the name of this song, i feel like i heard it before, oh and nice animation
quinmchale's avatar
"Attack" by Joe Satriani
quinmchale's avatar
You're welcome. :D
PizzaDemon's avatar
Pk hmmm you have been playing earthbound haven't you.
Korwynze's avatar
i made a drawing for this. go check :)
Korwynze's avatar
im gunna draw something for this..hang on plz..
Korwynze's avatar
...poor sandbag :'(
Ghostlywinds's avatar
1 2 3 just like that *mouth remains open* Ownage I bow down to you and add this to my Fave list
PsychoDino3's avatar
lol thank you. glad you enjoyed it
Ghostlywinds's avatar
It was epic could use some tips because im a low rank animator n welll im trying to learn the ropes....
PsychoDino3's avatar
Look up SpriteFan's tutorials or ifureadthisdie's tutorials.
Ghostlywinds's avatar
Thanks. Just need download flash. CS3 seems to have a lot of other stuff to downliad with it....
Tjrecordz97's avatar
Pretty nice work man I could tell u made this with no problem at all lol
Cozah's avatar
Holy.....cow....this is incredible. Amazed I just saw this now.
But MAN Felix is a baws. And you're so awesome at animating. Love the character. Really nice job!
PsychoDino3's avatar
Thank you. Appreciate it.
TheMatrixKirby's avatar
Lovin' the character. But I don't like the fact that now squirrelkidd just tries to kill him. :(
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