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Twilight Sparkle is the BEST PONY and this is why.

I originally wanted to do a solo Twilight pic, but in the end I think it turned out better this way.

Link to sketch [link]

The characters Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are trademarked by Hasbro.
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Why are Twilight's wings pink?
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her magic pink and wings are magic
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MAGIC Magical :D 
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ChocoCrazehHobbyist General Artist
I can do better!
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KTWizardHobbyist Writer
Um... hello!

Do you mind if I use your picture for a cover art for my fan fiction? I will not do so until I have your okay (though I don't even have the story written). Credits will be given of course, should you so agree.
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PsychoDikdikHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure! Feel free to use it however you want.
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KTWizardHobbyist Writer
Thank you kindly!
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I think rainbow deserves to get her ego put into place.
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DolphinBusterHobbyist Writer
Twilight with wings?

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Look at the bright side. She really IS an alicorn now.
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Idk why RD's face made me laugh :D I really, really like this one... The only improvement I can see are Twilight's eyes. They almost look either too small or too far apart, but ONLY slightly.

I'm favoriting this for your excellent scaling, especially RD (and especially her face XD).
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See Twilight would be best pony, but then Rainbow Dash. So she is second best pony.
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shoyru: *is a typhlosion with wings* hey twilight, rainbow how about a flying race all around equestria
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FarthingaleProfessional General Artist
I do like the ornate way you design their wings. I'm not sure this is something Twilight would do for any reason other than to play in the sky too, but I love the fact that she can! The glowy magic wings are fun.
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frozenvioletHobbyist Traditional Artist
Trixie:... I CAN DO BETTER! XD
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yemtoHobbyist Digital Artist
I thought that spell was to difficult for twilight
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Aw, I love it. I like how Twilight's wings are slightly pinker than the rest of her, making it obvious that she'd used magic to make them.
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Davey-the-6th-moonStudent Writer
Magic pony is best pony! ^_^
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Wow this is like right out of the fanfic Dawn of Flight ([link]) Except here Rainbow Dash doesn't have Purple Feathers mixed with the blue ones.
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The-Nuclear-PegasusHobbyist Writer
Either it's Twi's evolution, or she made up these wings with her magic.:D
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richfilesHobbyist Artist
I love Twi Levels Up fics!
Twi Levels Up pics are cool too!
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Magic wings are awesome! heehee I love Dashie's 'are you kidding me' look. Nice work!
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Always thought Twilight was more than thr average unicorn. Lovely work.
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