Challenge #1 - The world of the Dead - WINNERS

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Results posted soon
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Point donations are welcome! :pointr: :pointl: in the pool there. Donators will be featured and add to the V.I.P Folder + a llama from me.  

2 entries per member.
So it looks like this is happening after all :woohoo: The themes are choosed by order this away all the themes will eventually come.
The first theme is

The world of the Dead

What ever the title inspires you. Fan art and all that stuff is welcome! You have to be a member to participate.
:police: We dont need prizes, the list below will be the only things giving, remember this is a challenge, and the main point of it is giving away memberships :)
Point donations are welcome! :pointr: :pointl: in the pool there. Donators will be featured and add to the V.I.P Folder + a llama from me.

:bulletred: Has to be :new: and made only for this contest after the 20th july. Add in the comment area "Made for "Psycho artist united challenge #1 ".
:bulletred: Submitt to the Contest folder. Only 2 entries per member.
:bulletred: The work can be any kind of media except Literature.
:bulletred: Credit all the resources used and write them in the artist comment with a valid link to each one of them.

:trophy: FIRST PLACE :trophy:

:trophy: SECOND PLACE :trophy:

:trophy: THIRD PLACE :trophy:

:dalove: HONORABLE MENTIONS :dalove:
DAWN by Kid-Eternity :bigthumb321974675:


:bulletred: 3 month membership. or 1188:points:
:bulletred: Features from me.
:bulletred: Llama from me.

:bulletred: 2 month membership. or 796 :points:
:bulletred: Features from me.
:bulletred: Llama from me.

:bulletred: 1 month membership. or 396 :points:
:bulletred: Features from me.
:bulletred: Llama from me.

Next challenges:
:pointl::bulletyellow: The world of the Dead. Challenge #1:bulletyellow: 20th July to 20th August 2012
:bulletred: Freaking creepy. Challenge #2 will start after we get more points
:bulletred: Psychopaths. Challenge #3
:bulletred: Vampires vs Werewolves. Challenge #4
:bulletred: Exorsice me. Challenge #5
:bulletred: Kill me tonight. Challenge #6
:bulletred: Devour. Challenge #7
:bulletred: Unkillable Monster. Challenge #8
:bulletred: Born Villain. Challenge #9
:bulletred: Tainted Love. Challenge #10


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Kid-Eternity's avatar
Congratulations everyone! :D
corellan's avatar
It was a great challenge and opportunity! Congratulations for all. But...... Now let's made freaking creepy stuffs :D
Angel6fdeath's avatar
Thanks For the oportunity! Congrats for all the artist!!
PrinceLoveDadra's avatar
Congrats to all the awesome winners, and thank you so much for the honorable mentions! =D

Looking forward for the Freaking creepy challenge!=D
medulla-oblongatta's avatar
congrats too the winners awesome work by all
Verteth's avatar
oh my, i still have 4 days....
Kanadesonya's avatar
Im totally Joining!!
Tainted-spyder's avatar
:bulletred: Exorsice me. Challenge #5 <---- Pardon my Grammar Nazi... but "exorcise..."

I'm excited for this one though. :evillaugh:
ZombieKittenInvasion's avatar
Ohh, I'm excited for #3 and #5 :)
Tokiuru's avatar
Gh, I'm totally joining
TheGurch's avatar
This sounds enticing , great challenge title , I had a badly drawn sketch I did of a mob of zombies that i liked , this sounds like a great time to dig it out and redraw it. Hope I get the time to do so. Hope you get a ton of entries for this I can wait to see all the artworks. Again super cool challenge title, you got my attention.
StarsColdNight's avatar
i hope so too :pray: have fun with it!
TheGurch's avatar
damn i failed!!! didn't get this weekend to work up my never entered..that's what you get for thinking you have all the time in the world.
medulla-oblongatta's avatar
think i will give it a go :evillaugh:
annewipf's avatar
Please, could we know the deadline?
Verteth's avatar
annewipf's avatar
Thank you! I'll try to participate. :D
gothgirl1212's avatar
If u r gonna draw something, we can draw anything as long as it's considered to be dead, right?
gothgirl1212's avatar
Zombies are considered dead, right?
StarsColdNight's avatar
yes, the most dead you can get :)
gothgirl1212's avatar
What if you don't have any resources? And does photoshop count as resource ?
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