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Helloooo :wave:
hope everyone is ok :party:
So i came across a great way to get the points we needs to random things here.. I will be takin affiliates news as always, to poste here in a blog in exchange of 20:points: per group.
We are a large group so our publicity will help a lot to them, so there you go.. Send a blog about it, donate 20:points: to me with a note that is about this and i will post the news :D have fun :wave:

Here i will add the list of groups that help us spread the words about our news.. :w00t:

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Needs prize and point donations!!! We would like to run another contest at the end of Sept, but need your help to do so!!! Any donations are welcome!! You can donate points on TriZiana 's page (just include message to say it is for In-Obscuro) For all other donations please note either TriZiana or In-Obscuro. All donators will receive a feature after the contest is done to say thanx!!!

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The Mortal Intrusion
 by Nathan Reese Maher

:iconito-saith-webb: is looking for backers and help to spread the word in his current project!
For thousands of years, the dead have invaded the living. Now its our turn. Play as the Faekin, Magi, Psychics, Were-beasts and more.

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Thank you so much for the advertising :blackrose:
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Omygod who is this SEXY BEAST??! Oh yeah that's right... He's my sexy beast!!! You guys rock man, I'ma love you forever cuz of this!
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:headbang: glad you like it! thanks for sharing!
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Is that ur pic?? Congrats, looks freakn awesome :heart:
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Thank you so much!! ; u ;
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Thank you very much!
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