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Mama's boy

- What if they wont like me?

Little Kopa is worried to communicate with other cubs in pride
Nala tries to comfort him and make her boy not afraid to make new friends

i like my Kopa design and i like to draw him,,
i used this as a reference for bg
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Cute Little Kopa

HekimaTheWhiteLion's avatar

Sweet little kopa <3

Escritora2Aliasfox's avatar

I love when he is designed with light eyes and brown hair!

The-Golden-Tigress's avatar

Ah how beautiful they were!

Kopa have such a sweet look <3

sliiide's avatar

Everything about this looks beautiful

Kopa looks strikingly similar to young Nala but you can still tell he’s his own lion and has some subtle but undeniable masculine traits that Nala didn’t have

SuperMikey455's avatar

Actually if you read the book descriptions closer, he’s always had traits from both parents. Except the much preferred teal eyes. The books just don’t (need to) bother with images.


I have never read the book and I idc. Semi-canon characters were always designed just like people liked them to look. I just draw what I like and I don't think I should go straight by someone's canons :0

SuperMikey455's avatar

It’s up your interpretation.

sliiide's avatar

I’ve just assumed the more canon design is the one from the 6 new adventures (not full canon since disney doesn’t seem to acknowledge them), where he looks quite similar to Simba. What books are you referring to?

SuperMikey455's avatar

Okay. But it describe him with a fur color mix of both, reddish-brown tufts, etc. Illustrations are just lazy. Same with Ahadi who just a Mufasa clone & Uru who isn’t seen. But it stated his black mane & green eyes.

Emzy2020's avatar
This is so awesome! I'm glad I finally get too see a Fanart of Nala spending time with her son Kopa because I hardly seen any of them.

This is so good! I love this piece so much! I hardly ever see pictures of Kopa with Nala. 95% of the time he's with Simba. I love that you gave them mother and son time. Great job.

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