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Chibi Astronaut Teaser 001

Hey guys/gals! I have a new project I am working on! So there is this cute little app called Walkr (c) that I have on my phone and since I cannot explain it too well myself, here is the store page's description of it from the Apple website:

"One small step for you. One light-year for Walkr! Hop aboard the fantastic Walkr spaceship and start your adventure across the boundless cosmos. On a rocket built by an 11-year-old genius, you’ll use your “walking energy” to fuel the ship, allowing you to discover more than 50 fascinating planets, like Caramel Apple, Octopus Cavern, Heart of Flames, and more! Throughout the universe, you’ll also encounter delightful lost space creatures who will need your help along the way. It’s truly the adventure you’ve been waiting for!"  - FOURDESIRE CO., LTD.

Now this project is just gonna be short little panels showing me as a chibi exploring space! The planets that I visit and the creatures, etc. will all be from the Walkr (c) app! It is just so cute!!!!!! Now the first few submissions will be centered around planet Earth so that I can explain this project/"mission" of mine to get everything kind of started.

I want to mention that this project is of my own doing and that I was not asked to do this by anyone, I just love the app so much!!!!

So yeah! I hope ya'll are as excited for this project as I am! This submission is just a little teaser into the style of how this project is gonna be drawn.


Art/character (c) me, psycho23
Walkr app (c) Fourdesire Co.
Made in Photoshop CS4
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I like her hair :meow: 
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Thank you! I'm obsessed with these kind of hair cuts atm XD
can we see a chibi you someday.
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Just uploaded one :D