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Alien Ink OC entry by psycho-gummybearz Alien Ink OC entry by psycho-gummybearz
-_-" Full View Please :iconbowplz:
This is my entry for :iconpressurecomics:'s OC contest :) her name is Nikkii Williams~ (with 2 i's oh-so-gangster xD)

.:More Info:.
Nikkii came to Camden as an exchange student. Her single mother was going through hard times back as home, and she heard that if you were picked for this program, you could stay in the dorm for free. It was a no-brainer.
She likes to keep her thoughts to herself, and never really says what's on her mind. Quiet as kept, she has quite a few friends that would stick up for her no matter what. No one in her dorm knows that she is completely broke and doing odd-jobs just to eat.
One day she was talking with her room mate in a cafe about making it big and becoming rich someday. Her room mate joked saying that she should sell some of her sketches to a tattoo parlor as a start. Then she met Ryder. He overheard them talking and asked to see her works. After flipping through them a few times, he offered her a job at Alien Ink as a designer, and made her his apprentice so she could learn to be a tattoo artist. She's thought of him as an older brother ever since.
Surprisingly, she gets along with almost everyone who goes to Alien Ink and opens up a lot when she's around them. Now, Alien Ink is her haven whenever things get too hectic or stressful for her.

I hope this at least places :XD: my friend needs a tablet like no tomorrow too :lmao:

:peace::) ~CeCe~
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November 30, 2010
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