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Taking the helm, turning the boat: Changes.

Take a coffee, get comfortable, this will be long.


This is something I've been thinking since long ago, really long ago. I know perfectly this will be something hard to chew, but I decided it's the best. At the moment I'm writting this words, I'm being watched in this site by eighty-seven souls. Let's agree, at least the 70% of you comes for the pervert stuff; I know that perfectly, that is why I came here in first fact. But, as a pseudo-artist (I haven't told that I'm an artist, I always refused to claim it), I need to say that is pretty great for me. What's the problem so? I don't feel satisfied doing that type of work; I still liking it, I still enjoying that type of stuff; But isn't feel the same to me.

I'm thinking more in expand more my focus in DA, I wan't to try a different type of work, a more normal work. And make that these work became my main work here; saddly, it means that I'll relegate the other stuff (Bondage related) to a more far background. It Doesn't mean that I won't do it anymore, I'll do it less often in comparison to the other work.

Why do I took that decition? In first fact, as I've told you before, I don't feel the same while doing it. I don't feel satisfied, I don't find the same interest, I can't find the same interest. It's not a problem of creativity, because I have it; It's not a problem of motivation, because I have it; It's not a problem of thinking, because I still thinking the same. In Second fact, I wan't to try something different, I feel motivated to do it. And I think I must give a try to it. And, in third fact; I don't feel fine claiming that is my work when ISN'T. And I really don't feel satisfied being dependent of the work of other people for do things by myself. Isn't right to me, I don't lie when I say that I feel like a thief sometimes. Again, until now it wasn't my work at all, that's why I ever-ever give credits, but that isn't enough for me.

I wan't to try something new, but I need your support. Is probably that you won't like it at all. I won't say about what will be for now.

And, again, I'm not trashing the original focus of this; I'm just relegating it. I'll still doing that kind of work, but now, less often.

After all, thanks for reading this. See you later ;)



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Aka. carlosedwardovo

Workman at day, juglar at night.

Hi all. Probably you're here 'cos I have Watched you, or Faved some of your awesome art.

You need to know that here you'll find a lot of rubbish things, things that I made when I don't have some much to do and I want to spend my time doing something.

That's the reason because I don't usually upload things often. I'm usually just a viewer, one of these bricks that make this awesome wall that we call "DeviantArt".

I'm Carlos, and as a curious fact, my full name is implicit in the nickname.

Welcome Here.

PD: If You're a 3d modeller and You don't like what I do with your Models (I Usually give credits) talk to me and we can make a deal, There's no problem at all.

Obviously, I get back with this vibe; but I'm sure it'll only be with me there during the first week:

Trust me, I feel excited to it; during all my vacations, I felt like a true useless. I really didn't do anything during my vacations, I DIDN'T EVEN WASHED THE BATHROOM. But well, back to my only responsability for now, I feel better. Too, it mean that I won't be in my home everyday, I'm glad of that too.

In a Past Journal... Summer Holidays plans (My future in DA)First that all, Hi. *Clearing throat :cough:
This post is about what do I'll do during my summer holidays here, Pay attention!
First, I'll probably won't be here all the day long, I need to be more active in my real life; Affortunately, that means that I'll work in more things here, but I gonna talk about it later. Next two weeks I'll be a little bit busy, because I have to do everything about the enrollment in the university. The next week after I'll do that, I'll be out of my city, vacation travel to a little town close to the city, one entire week :dummy:.
Now in July, I have to start everything respect the Military Service Full Metal Jacket - Sergeant /w Point . Don't worry, I can't take it yet: first, I have to finish the University (I can't hide it), and second, I carried during all my life a lot of medical problems (Ephilepsia for ansiety, Surgeries...). The idea is pay for it, but I'm worried about if we can pay it. I need to do that right before Alvaro Uribe (I
I promised some things I had to do. Let's see how responable I was:

  • Vacation Travel: yup :dummy:
  • Military Service: I forgot it; Fortunately, I have the enough papers for being excent of it, I'll probably do it in the next weeks,

And the important thing, DA. Did I fulfill?

  • Watercolors?: None, I failed to you :(
  • Sketches?: 6 sketches (2 in scraps), I'm done
  • Renders? (Even if I probably won't do it anymore): 4, more than what I tought

And as a bonus, the new drawings I'm doing, I did 5 in the last two Weeks.

Well, I think that, for my DA, It's been a very productive time. I'll probably will lower that rate, or I'll intesify it on weekends.

And, Is all for now, Hope you had a fabolous week.


Guess what???
Poll by carlosedwardovoThe Monday I will change it so.
You realize that DA is beating you hard, when you add shadding on the graphics in the first exam.
Ok, or I am so paranoid (I hope), or criminality in the city is on the top.
Basically, I was close to be robbed; twice in a day. If I don't ran in the first (A man came to me with a question, And with a hand squeezing in his pocket); or if I don't get alert in the second (I felt that somebody was trying to open my bag while I was waiting for the bus back home) could be a bad day to me today.

Shit, sometimes I don't realize how lucky I am. '^^
The things of living in the under world.
Guess what!!!
The poll tied between keep my original username or change it for "Psycho-Carlos".
So, that means only one thing: There'll be carlosedwardovo for a long time. :dummy:

I'm thinking seriously in change my username soon. Which would you like more? 

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