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Taking the helm, turning the boat: Changes.

Take a coffee, get comfortable, this will be long.


This is something I've been thinking since long ago, really long ago. I know perfectly this will be something hard to chew, but I decided it's the best. At the moment I'm writting this words, I'm being watched in this site by eighty-seven souls. Let's agree, at least the 70% of you comes for the pervert stuff; I know that perfectly, that is why I came here in first fact. But, as a pseudo-artist (I haven't told that I'm an artist, I always refused to claim it), I need to say that is pretty great for me. What's the problem so? I don't feel satisfied doing that type of work; I still liking it, I still enjoying that type of stuff; But isn't feel the same to me.

I'm thinking more in expand more my focus in DA, I wan't to try a different type of work, a more normal work. And make that these work became my main work here; saddly, it means that I'll relegate the other stuff (Bondage related) to a more far background. It Doesn't mean that I won't do it anymore, I'll do it less often in comparison to the other work.

Why do I took that decition? In first fact, as I've told you before, I don't feel the same while doing it. I don't feel satisfied, I don't find the same interest, I can't find the same interest. It's not a problem of creativity, because I have it; It's not a problem of motivation, because I have it; It's not a problem of thinking, because I still thinking the same. In Second fact, I wan't to try something different, I feel motivated to do it. And I think I must give a try to it. And, in third fact; I don't feel fine claiming that is my work when ISN'T. And I really don't feel satisfied being dependent of the work of other people for do things by myself. Isn't right to me, I don't lie when I say that I feel like a thief sometimes. Again, until now it wasn't my work at all, that's why I ever-ever give credits, but that isn't enough for me.

I wan't to try something new, but I need your support. Is probably that you won't like it at all. I won't say about what will be for now.

And, again, I'm not trashing the original focus of this; I'm just relegating it. I'll still doing that kind of work, but now, less often.

After all, thanks for reading this. See you later ;)



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Aka. carlosedwardovo

Workman at day, juglar at night. Carlos Vargas at your service!!!

Hi all. Probably you're here 'cos I have Watched you, or Faved some of your awesome art.

You need to know that here you'll find a lot of rubbish things, things that I made when I don't have some much to do and I want to spend my time doing something.

That's the reason because I don't usually upload things often. I'm usually just a viewer, one of these bricks that make this awesome wall that we call "DeviantArt".

Welcome Here.

(Some of my closer people, like my genealogic tree of DA)
My Mentor: :iconrainbowphilosopher:
My closer missing friends (Hope to see them back here, again): :icongojicachou: :iconthepeopleofhylia-loz:

P.S. Don't check my favourites, for real.
Hi DA. I'm just here to talk to you, again. I have a few facts to tell you.

First, My mom and my stepfather surprised me with a little travel. I'll be out since this thursday, and I'll be back the saturday in the night. Where? ask to Blas de Lezo XD. I won't be logged here very often during that travel; so, is probably that I'll be late to answer or reply to your comments; that implicates the birthday comments too Have your cake and eat it too . Also, that means too that I won't "open" the gift of :iconrainbowphilosopher: until the sunday :3

Second, today, in an absurd attack of rage after one of my exams, I punched a class-board. The board is fine, thanks for ask; but my hand has a sprain now. So, I won't draw for a while ;-;... Also, I can't play guitar too, and I'm barely able to type in my pc keyboard... is hard to be me sometimes.

Third, I was sure that in the poll the "no" was going to won. But, 6 yes and 1 no?... alright you guys... I'll make a poll to decide which will be the couple from the "Blind pairings" I was doing. And, then, let's do it... soon as my hand heal .w.

And last... Be sure that my content will continue in the way is going now. Is probably that I wont do that kind of things very often... so, enjoy it meanwhile.

So, yeah. Thanks so much for your support, for your atention, and we'll see here later. See you!!!


I don't have a favourite song. But if I have to choose, maybe is this one.
Nintendo, what the fuck did you did with all the Smash Characters last night????
This isn't amusing anymore 😭😭😭😭
Happy halloween Ya'll!!!
After this song became a meme recently (A guy with a White ford fiesta, and a yellow Jersey) I ended loving it even more!

Two news:
-I wished to earn more money, for buy a new guitar (cheap Les paul-like, not like my actual strat), but... I losed my first subject in all my career (Differential Equations), so, I have to pay for a vacational °~°.
-My hand is healing fast, so, I can draw again soon. Maybe before the monday I'll give it a try ;)

For real, excuse me

For the love of Zeus... better don't go to the favourites area... maybe you won't like what you will see ;-;

Who will be the couple in distress? 

7 deviants said Link and Zelda (I'll decide which one)?
2 deviants said Mario and Peach?
2 deviants said Chrono and Marle?


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