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Taking the helm, turning the boat: Changes.

Take a coffee, get comfortable, this will be long.


This is something I've been thinking since long ago, really long ago. I know perfectly this will be something hard to chew, but I decided it's the best. At the moment I'm writting this words, I'm being watched in this site by eighty-seven souls. Let's agree, at least the 70% of you comes for the pervert stuff; I know that perfectly, that is why I came here in first fact. But, as a pseudo-artist (I haven't told that I'm an artist, I always refused to claim it), I need to say that is pretty great for me. What's the problem so? I don't feel satisfied doing that type of work; I still liking it, I still enjoying that type of stuff; But isn't feel the same to me.

I'm thinking more in expand more my focus in DA, I wan't to try a different type of work, a more normal work. And make that these work became my main work here; saddly, it means that I'll relegate the other stuff (Bondage related) to a more far background. It Doesn't mean that I won't do it anymore, I'll do it less often in comparison to the other work.

Why do I took that decition? In first fact, as I've told you before, I don't feel the same while doing it. I don't feel satisfied, I don't find the same interest, I can't find the same interest. It's not a problem of creativity, because I have it; It's not a problem of motivation, because I have it; It's not a problem of thinking, because I still thinking the same. In Second fact, I wan't to try something different, I feel motivated to do it. And I think I must give a try to it. And, in third fact; I don't feel fine claiming that is my work when ISN'T. And I really don't feel satisfied being dependent of the work of other people for do things by myself. Isn't right to me, I don't lie when I say that I feel like a thief sometimes. Again, until now it wasn't my work at all, that's why I ever-ever give credits, but that isn't enough for me.

I wan't to try something new, but I need your support. Is probably that you won't like it at all. I won't say about what will be for now.

And, again, I'm not trashing the original focus of this; I'm just relegating it. I'll still doing that kind of work, but now, less often.

After all, thanks for reading this. See you later ;)





Aka. carlosedwardovo

Workman at day, juglar at night. Carlos or Snoop at your service!!!

Hi all. Probably you're here 'cos I have Watched you, or Faved some of your awesome art.

You need to know that here you'll find a lot of rubbish things, things that I made when I don't have some much to do and I want to spend my time doing something.

That's the reason because I don't usually upload things often. I'm usually just a viewer, one of these bricks that make this awesome wall that we call "DeviantArt".

Welcome Here.

(Some of my closer people, like my genealogic tree of DA)
My Mentor: :iconrainbowphilosopher:
My closer missing friends (Hope to see them back here, again): :icongojicachou: :iconthepeopleofhylia-loz:
The Penguins!!!: :iconkryptaos: :iconokkhe: :icondraconon: :iconlady-astraea: :iconkattif: :iconhexcav-lio:

P.S. Don't check my favourites, for real.

Spanish language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy BT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design

Mis Estampillas :p

colombia by maryduran
Colombia doesn't like stereotypes by ChokorettoMilku Respect by XxSafetyPinsxX Colombia by SirvanaRachana Peace by SirvanaRachana The Dictator - The Wall by Harizonia Stamp: Commission - Logical by 8manderz8 Democratic socialism stamp by Mit-boy More Moaning About Feminism... by Mintaka-TK
Soda Stereo Stamp by emopunkgirl06 Stamp- Rush by jozie-m Queen Stamp by poserfan Dire Straits by Edmans Boston Classic Rock Stamp by dA--bogeyman the smiths. by ZOMBIES-EAT-STAMPS The Police New Wave Stamp by dA--bogeyman CCR Stamp by Stripesandangelwings Beatles Stamp by rheall The Doors Stamp by ShipwreckedStamps Pink Floyd Stamp by Itzagual Simon and Garfunkel Stamp by CheeseTitans 'Heroes' Bowie stamp by TheStampQueen Supertramp by gigidelagaze Billy Joel Stamp by Raephen LFC - Stamp by dsa22 The Clash Stamp by Emico Rolling Stones Stamp by KelpyKrad Leonard Cohen - Various Positions by Harizonia Elvis Presley stamp by Valvador TPHB 2 by SkySlicedPie Progressive Rock Is Underrated by Eternities22 .joy division - STAMP. by multicolorlips Eagles Stamp by Naragon
Musician Stamp by Plankhead I Play Guitar Stamp by CaptainChibi Piano by vintage-cowbells
Zelda: Link to the past Stamp by Gurinn Stamp-Chrono Trigger by AMX-269 Super Mario by dandakobajai BoogerMan Stamp by The-Man-Of-Tomorrow
Bondage Freak Stamp by TrippFoxx Stamp: NSFW by PrincessSkyler
Fucking Religion.
Fucking Races.
Fucking Nationalities.
Fucking SkinColours.
Fucking Languages.
They teared us apart.

But, worse than that.
Not enough with plan it in 8chan, not enough with kill 30 innocent lifes while they were praying, you had to stream, STREAM THE MASSACRE, STREAM THE DEATHS, STREAM HOW YOU TAKE THEIR LIFE OFF.
All I wish for you 4, and for all the ones implicated... is pain.


Why am I being kinda absent?
Well; the why is kinda simple. College started again since month and half ago, so I am so damn focused in it. Is not beating hard as the last ones, seems like the heavy subjects were left behind; but it doesn't mean that is easy. I had to do a lot of papers or reports or wadavaryawanacall it, and we just finished the first round of tests. 😥
This isn't a hard or heavy semester, but I'll have to work so much on it. But hey, Are the happiest days of our lifes, don't them?
And, in the other hand... my brother had a surgery this week. So, we had to take care of him in the last few days... so, that stealed some of my time too.
I think I will be uploading things in a few time... if I can't, you'll have to wait until Easter 😋
Love and peace, ya'll.
And pray that the son of a bitch of Duque, our "dear" president, don't burns out the peace treatment
I think I'll need 20 kg of cannabis to understand the Eclipse mode...
I'm so fucking used to the old DA.
♫ Voy a tomar por vos, otro trago para olvidar, de que el miedo te comió los pies, y que ahora sos un tipo más. Y que poco a poco te fuistes yendo, y que poco a poco te fuistes yendo de nuestro lugar. ♫
Remake of Link's awakening????? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

For real, excuse me

For the love of Zeus... better don't go to the favourites area... maybe you won't like what you will see ;-;

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