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One particular posting on the Guild task board caught my attention: the western branch of the Researchers are still running on old-fashioned paperwork rather than Regigigas-driven databases, and needs some way to improve the speed of filling out multiple forms at once. This seems like an ideal testing ground for tandem use of the writing device I’ve developed to record my testing more expeditiously than tedious quill writing.

The form of the apparatus is a thin round metal sheet bent to curve in both dimensions, like the bowl of a square spoon. Extruded from the convex side of this—with great artisanship—are the various letterforms required for writing, arranged in strategic positions along a grid. Before writing, the embossed surfaces must be coated in ink, preferably by rolling. To record a character, the user simply mentally rotates the plate to the correct orientation and drops it; with a bit of practice, I’ve been able to write manyfold faster than writing each stroke of each character with a quill pen. Hopefully this technique could one day be used to speed the production of books—Ah, for now, bureaucracy will have to do.

—  —  —

Hey Caslon, you making another spoon or something? You’re not dropping your tail already are ya?!

I’m making some more writing shells. If I can control several of them in parallel with greater ease than controlling many pens, this method could be used to publish books faster.

Hmm, hmm. Hmm.  Why do we need books anyway? Why not just push the knowledge into people’s brains?

You half-baked homunculus! You try instantiating enough psychic energy to spread detailed knowledge to everyone all over, it’s not that easy. Besides, planting memories in people is rude.

—  —  —

The trial run was a mostly unqualified success. Because of the simpler movements involved in rotating the domes, a greater number of papers can be concentrated on at once, as compared to pen writing. Solstice seemed doubtful of the advantages of this technique, but after a little bit of practice and memorization of letter positions, she was soon batch-writing with all twenty writing shells I had made for the purpose, and with less mental strain than before.

Unfortunately I had taken so long crafting each letterform to my greatest reckoning of perfection, she had already given her last book to some other team! Knowing I have helped the guild in some way will have to be my reward. I will make some more of these shells; should a similar need arise in the future, it could pay off to provide more punctual punctuation.
Whoops I forgot to make this funny or amusing to read in any way, oh well

I claim a merit for helping prevent Sol's headaches.


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