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SCP-2641 Dreams do come true
Item #: SCP-2641
Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2641 is to remain boarded off at its current location, ███████ █████ Jr. High, from all personnel within the site until efficient transfer method can be confirmed by foundation staff. Any person caught trying to enter SCP-2641 will immediately be suspended from the property. At any time is the seal for SCP-2641 to be broken, it is to be repaired immediately.
Description: SCP-2641 is a small sized two (2) by three (3) yard courtyard consisting of a rectangular patch of concrete, several forms of vegetation surrounding the concrete patch, and a small white bench made of polished granite. Upon entering, the subject will begin to hear frequencies of ██ KHz, prominently named SCP-2641-1. After approximately 5 seconds, the subject will be rendered unconscious. 15 minutes into the unconscious subject's slumber, a vortex of unknown matter
:iconpsychicjesterz:PsychicJesterZ 3 3
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Franklin Chandeler
United States
First off, I am not very much of a sketch artist...I can't draw. T-T I design PMD Models for MMD. I like anthro/furry art, but I am not much of a furry myself. I can be shy at times, but when I get comfortable with people, I tend to be a chatterbox and random. Sometimes even annoying (plz let me know if I get to that point). I am an UTAU user, my UTAUloid is known as Ao Kara. I can be a bit paranoid of being deserted (aka Stop talking to me.) unless I dont want anything to do with you. I am easy to make friends with (or at least I try to be). I do have a Skype (Same username I use on this site) which I use to communicate with people I dont entirely know in person. Thats pretty much it about myself. P.S, I dont give a shit about llama badges, so don't expect a thank you from me. Thank you! Have a lovely day.

P.S Franklin is not my real name. :3


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