Which "The end of the world" scenario do you prefer?
576 votes
Nuclear annihilation, Third World War
Disease pandemic; zombie holocaust
Global warming witch will end with climat change, floods, volcanoes, tsunamies, Ice age...
Ecological and social disasters caused by overpopulation, oil and agricultural crisis, polluting of air and water...
Asteroid / comet impact
Cosmic events like dying of the Sun, gamma ray bursts, collision with the Moon, nearby blackholes ets...
Experimental accident like catastrophic malfunction of the LHC etc.
Technological singulatiry, artificial intelligence which will kill all people with robots, grey goo, or else...
Alien invaders
By the hand of the God

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DimKa-Minsk's avatar
что значит do you prefer? мы тут все just watchers ))
Postmorteum's avatar
What a negative poll. :noes:
beauvoirian's avatar
Asteroid / comet impact! It would be quite pretty to watch in the few moments before we're all smashed into tiny pieces! :la:
PeonyPepper's avatar
well if it were a zombie holocaust we can all see how much we've learned from all those games and movies. dips on the crowbar!
DeBloedBinnen's avatar
Great poll! Nuclear fire for sure.
i have zombie holocaust dreams all the time, but i think end of the world is a paradox isn't it? great poll lol
CalamityJay0's avatar
alien invaders. by the way, we're already there:alien:
die-Seee's avatar
Проголосовала, а потом подумала, с каким все-таки цинизмом выбирала лучший вариант.
Черная дыра неплохо: наверное, быстро и безболезненно, а то неохота от зомби или роботов, или инопланетян отмахиваться что-то.
GrapixD3's avatar
Haha, good poll!
Zombialiens invasion with nuclear weapons FTW!
hmerino's avatar
Due to the fall of Copenhague´s meeting, I think we will end up with a super contaminated planet, incapable to recover itself. We´ll be extinct and a race of intelligent cockroaches will be fighting against the intelligent rats that survived the eco-holocaust that is near from this generation, and the battle for the future earth will happen a million years from now.

LuciaConstantin's avatar
Uhmm, I'd like Ice Age! :)) Yes, I want the end of the world to freeze us all!
CocoCibelle's avatar
Asteroid / comet impact - i believe in 2012
aobaob's avatar
Nuclear annihalation, and make sure the bomb to wipe out europe is near me please, I'd rather die quick! :)
ChocoGirl72's avatar
Zombie holocaust sounds terrible. I'm so scared of zombies, lol
BeyondPossibleGrasp's avatar
lot of christians around as i can see (by the hand of god - 31%)
mijnnaamis's avatar
now this is interesting :nod:
akasleep's avatar
Hey, can't say I prefer one of these. Bu I chosen the "hand of GOD"
ocs's avatar
Zombie Holocaust For GTA :D:D:D:D
monchito001's avatar
ZOMBIES!! so before world ends we could have some fun: running away keeping our brains being eaten by them and of course shooting their heads with a magnum, a shotgun, an assault riffle and the classic sniper at a rooftop :headbang: ROCKnROLL!! :chainsaw: :mwahaha:
psychiatrique's avatar
I have no magnum, shotgun, assault riffle... What will I do with the knife? Run...
monchito001's avatar
lol! =D me neither but running and hiding is exciting too! :lmao:
little-spacey's avatar
This is pretty much one of the best polls I've ever seen

Which when I think about it, is kind of depressing...

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