Hello. Let's get acquainted. Ask me everything!

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I like Deviantart, so do you.
Sometimes I receive comments on my works sometimes questions.
Sometimes I answer sometimes no. Maybe it's because of lack of time or my issues in English.

So I want you who is reading this to get know me better and vice-versa.
Ask me everything here. I will answer.

Short notice about my person:

My name is Andrey Korotich. I live in Kiev the capital of Ukraine. I'm 23 and i prefer women.
I've been shooting photos since 2005. My cameras are Kiev-88 (6x6 medium film camera) and Nikon D80. I'm using post-production a lot...
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Hurm... A bit late commenting, but what does photography mean to you? Is it just a hobby, or a whole lifestyle?
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nice idea (:
i'Ve got some boring standard-questions (excuse me) but maybe something interesting comes out.
which are your favorite photographers?
and which are your favorite pictures uploaded from deviantArt-users?
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what inspired your nickname? :)
psychiatrique's avatar

it comes from one song of Mylene Farmer
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do you live off your photography?
psychiatrique's avatar
what is life off?
B0NDART's avatar
in other words your main and only means of earning money :)
psychiatrique's avatar
I can't do anything else
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well well done than :)

I am a Ukrainian as well but for now I guess my skills are not good enough to do exclusively photography :)
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Most ukrainian (worldwide) photographers are not good enough.

Personal positioning matters - not skills.
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What program do you use for post production editing?
And by the way lovely idea to share some more of you.
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Now it's Photoshop CS5

lonely idea?
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I meant to write lovely :) I had a freudian slip, I wonder what else I was thinking at the time.
How's the CS5, I have CS4 master collection, but I'm not so sure how worthy is it to change already to CS5, I might delay it, what do you think? Lots of wonderful new tools?
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oh, I were sleepy...

CS5 is all better, faster and easier
it has content-aware fill and it's awesome

There is no reason in using CS4
Download CS5
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"There is no reason in using CS4
Download CS5"


There is no reason in using CS2
Download CS5

you know why I'm laughing, dear
psychiatrique's avatar
who is using that obsolete rubbish?
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hehe there is just one reason to use CS4: the CS5 is brutally expensive!! ;)
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I don't know
I'm using pirated
eipar's avatar
lol somehow I think it's not a good idea to post that piece of info here LOL
It's around
the master collection is
US$2,599, but it has all for web and multimedia design which is what my masters is all about and also for print, so it has it all.
but the photoshop by itself is $999 so also very expensive.
Lucky for me as I'm studying I can get the education version which is half price but it's still a lot of money, that's why I'm waiting :( although I wish I didn't have to.
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He who would catch fish must not mind getting wet.

Do you rally think that FBI will come to your house to check your Photoshop License?
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When you take a photograph do you have a specific concept that you are aiming for or do you just meet with your models and see what comes out of it?
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Usually I prepare concept but sometimes I prepare it on the shooting place
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Is photography your job or your hobby ?
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