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So my friend and I just shoot a short film. It's about a person who seeks his grandmother.

You can watch it here….

It is short. I will appreciate your opinion.
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Agreed regarding comments raised about the subtitle colours. To be frank the acting was somewhat stiff at times, but there were some really nice shots and locations.

Boris is fantastic, funny enough I was just just listening to the OST for the Confessions before watching this which featured both these tracks too, I was quite confused initially as I was sure I had paused the music haha.
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I found this interesting. Good stuff for short time and cellphone.
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Great for a cellphone shot :)
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Not bad! :clap: I have one too here --> [link]
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really nicely sad
the only thing that i couldnt read very well the subtitles. perhaps yellow!?
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It was very sweet and sad. One suggestion, though--the white subtitles were sometimes difficult to read. Perhaps you could change the color?
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I hope he finds his 'grandmother' :)
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стилистически правильно писать "my friend and I" ставя себя в конце подобных перечислений
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ну да, спасибо
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