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So my friend and I just shoot a short film. It's about a person who seeks his grandmother.

You can watch it here….

It is short. I will appreciate your opinion.
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I like Deviantart, so do you.
Sometimes I receive comments on my works sometimes questions.
Sometimes I answer sometimes no. Maybe it's because of lack of time or my issues in English.

So I want you who is reading this to get know me better and vice-versa.
Ask me everything here. I will answer.

Short notice about my person:

My name is Andrey Korotich. I live in Kiev the capital of Ukraine. I'm 23 and i prefer women.
I've been shooting photos since 2005. My cameras are Kiev-88 (6x6 medium film camera) and Nikon D80. I'm using post-production a lot...
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Do you dream your dreams in colour?