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i've been going through your gallery, but this image really made me stop. i've always been afraid of using red-ish tones because i felt they gave a feeling of underexposure, but in this image you really made them work for you and not against you. i really like the model's gaze too. congrats on this extraordinary shot.
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really cool image :) i love the vintage stuff used for this shot it really brought out the picture well. keep it up :)
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Хорошая фотография.

А если не секрет, то какую из своих работ ты считаешь лучшей?
Ну, мне так для себя интересно.
Фотографии ведь у тебя все очень хорошие.
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interesting composition with this one. i like the way the light gifts off a soft red glow to the entire portrait. it's really something else! :)
Awesome shot, awesome colours and lightening!)I like it very very much :)
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great shot.....what a chairman! :D
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I love this. Infact, I'm finding it hard to move my eyes away from it.
Such an alluring shot. Perfect lighting!
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This is absolutely mesmerising. A very nice shot :)
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This. Is. Brilliant!

I'm stunned by this for some reason. Can't stop looking at this photo.
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