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My Miki Tattoo

This is my very own Miki tattoo!! Got it two days ago, a dream-come-true! Thanx a lot to Cat-king who made the original artwork which inspired my tattoo, see it at this link: [link]
Tattoo artist: the GREAT amazing Jenny!!!!!!!!!!
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Awwws! its cute
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Woah that's so cool!!
And Miki is really pretty there :3
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Now you can never get out of this fandom!!! :evillaugh:
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TY dear ones!!!!!!!! (((huggies)))
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That is an awesome tatoo you got der.
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Ohmygod, that is brilliant, you are so great!
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Thanx KK and WikiWiki for sweet comments!
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Best tattoo ever!
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Please visit: [link] You'll step into the world of Jenny, the truly amazing Tattoo Artsit who created this masterpiece! <3<3<3
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TY all a lot for these sweet comemnts!!! Tons of love! Miki rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3
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OMG I'm so excited for you ; u; she looks so fantastic!!!
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:omg: i want one now!!!
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You're crazy, yet so brave. (not that I'm afraid of needles)
I applaud you :iconclapplz:
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TY a LOT for sweet comments!!!!
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Hi! It's all for real, been wanting to get it for ages!
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is this real? or just a painting?
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