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soul migration

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 1, 2018, 3:17 AM

Erasures and essentials by RichardLeach
Palm Print by MililaniMak
Eating Words (227/365) by Tall-Tale-Memory
Flame by ArahielAs She Seizes the Lands by Versatis
Last Look I by EmiNguyen
It's a push over !! by Yaksss

fire walk with me by gr4y-inumachine de l'art by gr4y-inu
Jazz Fusion For The Heart by jon-bibire
White Rabbit by Lenore-Hug
Through other dimensions by Econita
Strange Days - Dry River by HalfFormedThoughts
I'm Caught (281/365) by Tall-Tale-Memory
Asfixia by AlexandruCrisan
squared 1 by AS1DuS
12 by NasosKarabelas

if you're looking for a gift guide and a way to support artists:

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our rituals of silence

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 2, 2018, 11:09 AM

trinity by dS1GN

the ghost of you by dS1GN

fading memory(dslr-pinhole) by dS1GN

Friedhofweg by dS1GN
storm is rising by dS1GN
I see you by dS1GN

I'm close when you are down by dS1GN

points of view by dS1GN

nothing by dS1GN

Sunflower Leaves by dS1GN

Info by dS1GN

hold the fort by dS1GN

barcode by dS1GN

lifelines by dS1GN

statements by dS1GN

lost and found by dS1GN


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eyes shut

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 1, 2018, 6:27 AM

(grateful for the subscription, mislyd)


Behind the window by Lucienel

Broken glass by Lucienel

At the coast II by Lucienel

The mystery of sand I by Lucienel

Blending in shadows by Lucienel
Sunbathing by Lucienel

Water drops III by Lucienel

In the forest by Lucienel
Reflection by Lucienel

Connected II by Lucienel

Muddy fairy by Lucienel

Excess skin II by Lucienel

Jin II by Lucienel
Jump and a flower by Lucienel

Mirror by Lucienel

Wood by Lucienel

Heather field by Lucienel


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from creation

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 5, 2017, 7:32 AM

Wintry Oblivion by 0IZDestination: COLD by 0IZ

Waiting for the Headless Horseman by 0IZThe holy marsh by 0IZ

The Gloomy Whiteness by 0IZ
Going Nowhere by 0IZ
When Man Exists No More by 0IZ
The Cold White Light by 0IZ
Beyond the Veil by 0IZThese Woods Breathe Evil by 0IZ

Woods to Conjure II by 0IZ

Embrace of Longing by 0IZ

Midvinterblod by 0IZ

Twilight Breath of Satan by 0IZ

Fallen World by 0IZ

Where the Journey Ends by 0IZ

The Show goes on II by 0IZ

Inhale/Exhale by 0IZAorta B/W by 0IZ


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t w i n s o u l

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 1:55 AM

Zaprt je v vakum s strahom. by xzwillingex
24STOPINJ by xzwillingex

Undercover by xzwillingex

KITE by xzwillingexBlack and white by xzwillingex

Dual by xzwillingex

Steklenka by xzwillingex

veins. by xzwillingex
Tak sum je nastal. by xzwillingex

Reconsider by xzwillingex

T'MA U GHLAVI by xzwillingex... .- -.. by xzwillingex

4AM by xzwillingex

Strings by xzwillingex

Multiply by xzwillingex

V temi se vidi horizont. by xzwillingex


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written in scars

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 18, 2016, 11:24 AM

How To Lose Everything by BexSaundersPhoto

From The Cradle To The Grave II by BexSaundersPhotoHang On To Your IQ II by BexSaundersPhoto
I Am Not Mechanical by BexSaundersPhotoIt All Ends With A Smile by BexSaundersPhoto
Instinct II by BexSaundersPhoto

The Process Of Losing And Gaining II by BexSaundersPhoto
Amongst The Shadows III by BexSaundersPhoto
Since I Was Born, I Started To Decay by BexSaundersPhoto

Then Again, Maybe You Were Right by BexSaundersPhoto

The Eleventh by BexSaundersPhoto

Solitude by BexSaundersPhotoI Was Late When I Arrived II by BexSaundersPhoto
I Was Late When I Arrived by BexSaundersPhoto

Paranoid Ideation by BexSaundersPhotoI Understand That I Am Fading by BexSaundersPhoto
Portrait of a British Family III by BexSaundersPhotoDefenceless Child by BexSaundersPhoto
Playback All Of The Memories by BexSaundersPhoto
True Colours by BexSaundersPhoto

Crooked Youth by BexSaundersPhotoMy Calloused, Shaking Hands by BexSaundersPhoto
Reality Surpasses Dreams by BexSaundersPhotoShe Took Him To The Lake by BexSaundersPhoto
I Have Taken Too Little Care Of This by BexSaundersPhoto

'Pathetic Little Child, I Am Embarrassed For You' by BexSaundersPhoto
You'll Never Know Much Of The Truth by BexSaundersPhoto


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seismic love affairs

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 5, 2015, 5:33 AM

My plant by MaleSrdce

Luna by MaleSrdce

Where we go my dear by MaleSrdce

Freckles by MaleSrdce

Little sailor by MaleSrdce

Green leaf by MaleSrdce

Little empress by MaleSrdce

Moon sisters by MaleSrdce

As we grow by MaleSrdce

Sisters by MaleSrdceThe truth is by MaleSrdce

Connection between by MaleSrdce


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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 4, 2015, 9:15 AM
if you're looking to purchase some wall art, cases and skins, t-shirts, tops, pillows, tote bags, wall clocks or anything related, 
there's an art promo on society6

if you follow this link…

you'll get free worldwide shipping until October 11
*also, you can request a particular image of mine that I haven't yet posted for sale*

I've never been one to use marketing tools to sell my artwork, but on a more realistic appraisal of chances regarding this whole financial nebula of art, I've come to see the imperious need to involve such forms of self-promotion. 

so, if you're willing to invest in living artists, you might consider supporting them this way

I offer my gratitude in advance. 
and may your inspiration flow wild! 


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this sensuous world we seek to forget

Journal Entry: Fri May 22, 2015, 3:52 AM

I promise by EtoileSU
Largo Dormir Reina by EtoileSU
Eternal Autumn by EtoileSU
Spring by EtoileSU
To let myself go by EtoileSU

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to the last light

Journal Entry: Sun May 10, 2015, 11:02 AM

current mood by HeyLightBulb

foliage by HeyLightBulb
hot nights in cold city by HeyLightBulb

9029 by HeyLightBulbwhisper  from the sea by HeyLightBulb

1354 by HeyLightBulb

greg zorba by HeyLightBulbawakened tree by HeyLightBulb

acronym by HeyLightBulb

looking for my own shadow by HeyLightBulb

quantum entanglement II by HeyLightBulb

shaman dance by HeyLightBulb

youneverwashupafteryourself by HeyLightBulb
extension time by HeyLightBulb
traveler through time and space by HeyLightBulb
perception worlds by HeyLightBulb
little monkey by HeyLightBulb

death star droid by HeyLightBulb
jesus he knows me by HeyLightBulb
rustic tranquility by HeyLightBulb

nature of shadows by HeyLightBulb
old man and the sea by HeyLightBulb
pieces by HeyLightBulb

polar tree by HeyLightBulb

the age of aquarius by HeyLightBulbpuncture by HeyLightBulb

039 by HeyLightBulb
beauty of the morning by HeyLightBulb

hang your thoughts by HeyLightBulb

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instincts and anecdotes of spirit

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 22, 2015, 12:31 AM

Tree by crossfading
A quoi cela tient by crossfading

Di by crossfading

Cadres by crossfading

Fig. 0 by crossfadingFig. 32 by crossfading
Autoportrait (P7223590) by crossfading
Fig. 23,24,25 by crossfading

Fig. 31 by crossfadingPhoto-2-4w by crossfading

P4198267w by crossfading
Constant Confusion by crossfading
Fig. 20,21,22 by crossfading
Cobwebs by crossfading
Autoportrait by crossfadingDolores by crossfading
I can see your lights by crossfading
P1170310 by crossfadingFig. 30 by crossfading

Fig.1 by crossfading2012-04-30_1335802791 by crossfading

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photographic anatomy

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 15, 2015, 4:53 AM

summertime by KseniaMaytamadancer by KseniaMaytama
nobodies04 by KseniaMaytama
nobodies03 by KseniaMaytama
nobodies01 by KseniaMaytama
Palm Sunday by KseniaMaytama
saw u drown by KseniaMaytama
blind trees by KseniaMaytama
scrying thru by KseniaMaytama
underneath by KseniaMaytama
self-pic by KseniaMaytama
along by KseniaMaytama20150330 163515 by KseniaMaytama

someth moves by KseniaMaytama
through by KseniaMaytama

70360007 by KseniaMaytama
fire by KseniaMaytama

insides by KseniaMaytama

follow by KseniaMaytama
20150316 140331 by KseniaMaytama

mistmist by KseniaMaytama
rainy by KseniaMaytama

pierced sky by KseniaMaytama

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elements of regeneration

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 8, 2015, 3:51 AM

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behind metaphysical eyelids

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 7, 2015, 3:35 AM

ID by Iskaeldt

Past Perfection by Iskaeldt

Transpire - I Did Not Matter Anyway by Iskaeldt

Below the Ice: Iskae by IskaeldtMaladies Mentales - Dementia Praecox by Iskaeldt



Hazard (In a Dream III) by IskaeldtIn a Dream by Iskaeldt

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river of sorrow swallowing time

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 5, 2015, 7:08 AM

drown and dying by iendrakurniawanwasted words II by iendrakurniawani think by iendrakurniawan
the rising by iendrakurniawan
another life by iendrakurniawan
other side by iendrakurniawan

awaiting by iendrakurniawanchernyy by iendrakurniawan

Up against the wall by iendrakurniawan

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if pain wanders through your bones like lost fire

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 1, 2015, 8:46 AM

“When you sense that your dark night is one of pregnancy and oceanic return, you could react accordingly and be still. Watch and wonder. Take the human embryo as your model. Assume the fetal position, emotionally and intellectually. Be silent. Float in your darkness as if it were the waters of the womb, and give up trying to fight your way out or make sense of it.” (Thomas Moore)

untitled by slavic-frost
boo by slavic-frost
lapset pakkasen II by slavic-frost
summoning III by slavic-frost
uuuu by slavic-frostspeaking with ghosts. by slavic-frost
o. by slavic-frostlapset pakkasen I by slavic-frost
ekkoet av stillhet II by slavic-frostekkoet av stillhet V by slavic-frost
.leben by slavic-frost
gmlhgn. by slavic-frost
_ by slavic-frost

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years in the abyss

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 31, 2015, 10:20 AM

Fake Revolt by A-byssus
Vulnera by A-byssus
Threes by A-byssus
A blank. by A-byssus
Desterro by A-byssus
The Mockery of a 'New Life' by A-byssus
Ira by A-byssus
Limit time by A-byssus
Bedroom eyes by A-byssus
Nil by A-byssus
Suicidio by A-byssus
Nameless by A-byssus

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afterburn, body thesaurus

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 5:50 AM

A. by nairafee

. by nairafee

. by nairafee
- by nairafee- by nairafeeUntitled by nairafeeRebeca by nairafee
Shadow's Shadow by nairafee
. by nairafee

Untitled by nairafee
Untitled by nairafee
Untitled by nairafee
Untitled by nairafee
. by nairafee

Why? by nairafee- by nairafee
Camouflage by nairafee
. by nairafee
Grandpa by nairafee
Grandpa by nairafee

. by nairafee

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forgive the darkness, it is as greedy as the light

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 24, 2015, 6:46 AM

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prohibited conversations in the darkroom

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2015, 6:12 AM

ghost by correoaereo

finale by correoaereo

reg by correoaereo

them by correoaereo

sometimes by correoaereo

. mg by correoaereo

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