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October 4, 2014

Abandoned places have always intrigued me. They give off the air of being haunted and give rise to ghost stories with horrible pasts when there is a simpler reason behind it:
Either funds run dry, the economy goes south, an accident happens to a guest, an investor changes their mind or a natural disaster comes through and leaves the place in shambles or abandoned. No matter what the case is, it all falls back on money. Here are some that stand out to me the most:

Sanzhi UFO Houses
San Zhi, Taiwan…
The intentions for these oddly shaped houses were to sell them to U.S. military officers in 1978 but due to lost investment in 1980, they stand abandoned to this day.

Six Flags Jazzland
New Orleans, Louisiana……
I have been on the rides shown in the abandoned pictures, and I remember it as a bright, happy place. Now, it's eerie, almost scary and depressing. In all honesty, it should be used as a setting for a horror movie now. It was SEVERELY damaged by Hurricane Katrina back in 2005 and has been abandoned since. Some of the rides still stand as a tribute to the Crescent City's resilience. Some companies have come forward with plans to develop the park but nothing has been mentioned yet.

In 2011, two movies were shot on sight, Killer Joe and Stolen which used two separate parts of the park. Killer Joe featured the wooden roller coaster Mega Zeph which I rode a decade ago this year and Stolen used the Main Street Square section to double as the French Quarter.
Come 2012, the Industrial Development Board allowed 20th Century Fox to film Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters in the park from the summer of 2012 through August. Mega Zeph, Ozarka Splash, and The Big Easy were used for the film. Since all other rides were rendered useless by Katrina, the crew brought in five other rides. The old Six Flags was fixed up to portray Circeland in the film.
During the summer of 2013 until mid August, the park was used to film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and this past June, the shooting for Jurassic World began. Two major film studios are making plans with the city for leases of the park as of today.

Gulliver's Travels Park
Kawaguchi, Japan…
In the shadow of Mt Fuji, this park lasted only ten years, from it's construction in 1997 to 2007 due to financial hardship. It now stands empty, tagged with graffiti and littered with vandalism.

Orpheum Auditorium
New Bedford, Massachusetts…
This has to be one of the most beautiful abandoned places I have ever come across. The auditorium had opened the same day the Titanic sank, April 15th, 1912 and although a supermarket occupies some of the building, the rest remains hauntingly abandoned. It's absolutely gorgeous! Anyone want to put together an amateur Phantom of the Opera photoshoot here with me? Anyone?

Abandoned Power Plant IM
This place looks like something straight out of a scifi movie, possibly the birthplace of a monster or the inside of an ancient alien space ship. It is absolutely surreal looking.

Maunsell Forts
Sealand, United Kingdom…
Okay, I cannot be the only one to think these forts came straight out of Star Wars. These forts were built to protect the River Thames during World War II and are now abandoned, saved by those that have been claimed by the micronation, Sealand off the shore of England.

Dadizel, Moorslede, Belgium…
Once a playground that stood opened from the 1950s to 2002. Fifty-two years isn't anything to sneeze at. In 2000, a young boy lost his arm on a ride called the Nautic Jet. In 2002 the owner of Dadipark announced renovations were being done to address safety issues but never opened it's doors again. Back in July 2012, the demolition of the park began but if you Google Earth the area, some rides look to still be standing, like the largest slide. Coordinates are 50° 51′ 11.38″ 3° 5′ 39.42″  or you can find it by it's address: Dadipark, Dadizele, 8890 Moorslede, Belgium.

Wonderland Amusement Park
Beijing, China…
Looks like this Alice never made it to Wonderland. As of May 2013, the abandoned structures were demolished, ending any hope of completion. It was designed to be the biggest amusement park in Asia, however due to financial issues in 1998, construction was halted and it was never finished. Now the land has been cultivated by farmers. While the structures may be gone, there still remains the haunting photos of what should have been.

That's it of this list. There are tons more abandoned places out there but they may be under another category in my Haunted Blogs. Pripyat, Ukraine will be featured in another blog later.

What's your favorite abandoned place?

Pictures courtesy of Google
More Journal Entries

Just starting out:

Hey Deviants!

To start off: THIS IS NOT A TOURNAMENT! This is just a hang out, chat, role play, share art, show off your own art, etc. This was made for everyone to have fun and expand their audience. The only thing we might compete for in this is contests*. Tournaments are for those who have the orchestrating skills to keep it going strong which I don't have the patience for nor do I have the attention span to do it. Kudos to everyone who does because I really admire them for it. 83

I want to thank everyone so far with their submissions. I wanted to point out what some things we might be doing here.

For one, if you are offering commissions, we'll advertise for you. This is a definite. We know money gets tight and for those of us who can't help monetary wise, we'll help with getting the word out there. The more members equals the quicker and more the word can get out.

*Contests! 8D I would like to do SOME contests, probably not until a few months from now but still. Haven't decided on any themes yet. I would like to give out actual prizes instead of the usual drawings. BUT for any contests we do before that, will have drawing prizes 83

A featured Deviant each week/month. Give a little spotlight to each member and show off their creativity. 83

I'm also going to have to reconsider the whole 'Contributor Folder' idea, mainly due to so many submissions in the past few hours. With the rate it's going, there will be too many folders that I won't know what to do with.

VENT ART IS WELCOMED TOO! 83 It's better than punching a wall. >.> But sometimes it can't be helped |D

And much more when... my brain wakes up and starts working again -_-'










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