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By psyAlera

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[Visual Novel][Romance?][Otome?][BxPlayer][Horror???]

Zayo Byron is the last person you want to meet while wandering around alone at night. Well, guess what fate has brought to you~

The game features:

1. Unique Play:
Every time you play Zayay you experience only about 25% of the game's full potential. The game uses a system that makes the game unique every time you play it, allowing you to experience a different 25% of it each time. Even if you try to replicate your previous playthrough and follow the exact same steps as last time, there would be always something different about it. The game always follows the main plotline, but little details change all the time making your experience unique every time.

2. ~10 000 words of dialogue:
Zayay consists of almost 10 000 words.(9,932 to be exact) But due to it's unique nature, you get to read only a portion of that during each playthrough.

3.About an hour of gameplay time:
Depending on your reading speed and the style of playing, if you like skipping or not, if you use saves or start a new game every time, this time my vary. But getting through the whole game just once usually takes about half an hour. To discover all the secrets, you might need a bit more~

4. Five different endings:
Zayay's ending is affected by the choices you make. There are five different endings you might get depending on how you acted during the game. There is no 'true' ending, but you can get a 'happy' ending, 'bad', 'boring' 'lies' and 'truths' endings. It's for you to decide which one is which.

5.Two secret beginnings:
If you're lucky enough, you might discover the secret beginnings! They don't affect your endings or main plotline, but you might find them interesting to read~

6.An Extra chapter:
Beat the game and get all the endings to unlock an extra chapter! Find out some of Zayo's secrets and discover his true self.

...wait, wha~?!

Have fun! <3

Character art,background art, GUI, writing, programming: psyAlera (Basically everything...except the music)
Music by Kevin MacLeod

Souls-of-Chaos, Deamond and Helia [c]Deamond-89/Dx33x

If you liked this game,please share it~ :heart:


Break OOC time!

:iconyayzayoplz:This means me NOT being serious anymore, talking like I'm trying to sell my game to you guys and all that stuff-LOL! Back to being myself! So what should I say, hmmm... I BEAT FREAKING NaNoRenO!!! (Note: NaNoRenO is a challenge to create a visual novel from scratch within a month. It's held every year, during March.) I diiid it, I diiid it~ *dances around* FINALLY! After so many years! I found out about the world of visual novels and that challenge 3 years ago, and every time I'm like: I'm going to enter, I'm going to do it! And every time I did nothing...until now! On the 4th year! FFF! Took me 3 years to get around to do a VN, 3 whole years!!! I have so many projects, so many of them scrapped, failed, abandoned, not even started-lol! only one finished game, which I don't count as a VN, and now this!!! Actually, even the idea of this isn't new. I got it about a year ago after making this poll:… ... OTL ...Why do I feel so fail, I just beat the challenge!!! In fact, I even started late! I started working on this half way through the month! So this was made in around 2 weeks in my free time. I always wonder why this challenge isn't in April btw! I have 2 weeks of holidays now, what am I supposed to do?!

So yes, let's talk about this game. :icongo-on-plz: I can't believe I made a game about Zayo. It's not just about him, but everything in it is about him-lol! That "Unique play" idea came from that Zayo has many faces, he's an actor and he can pretend to be anyone he wants at any given moment. And he lies...a lot. That's just who he is. And you can never predict what he's going to do next. so YAY! Unique play, there you have it. XD I actually thought it's a pretty nice idea, might use it again in the future, hope you guys have fun with it. ;w;
Then, the player barely has any lines in the game. Why? Because Zayo never lets anyone talk-lol! He's always bla-bla-bla and never shuts up-lol!
And other small things like that, this game is just so Zayo! Pffff! *flips him* (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Coming up with the title was hard, uhhhh! I had no idea. Then I thought YAY, I'm making a game! And I called my very first file related to it 'zayay', so I just used that in the end-LOL.

I had fun making the backgrounds move and stuff. I hope they don't make anyone's head hurt though. \(◕‿◕✿)

And I so apologize about the music, if you've heard it a million times before or something, sorry,sorry! QAQ I had a really hard time finding music so I just gave up in the end and used this. OTL Next time I'll definitely hire someone to make the music for me. This is just too painful. *dies*

And my writing, omg, I'm sorry about my writing. ;w; I'm not a writer ok??? I draw. What is writing, what is grammar?! Writing took me the longest of everything to do. a@
This writing was a lot like RP-ing actually. But do you know when was the last time I had RP-ed nicely and properly? Over half a year ago!!! So in the end I felt so desperate for RP that I RP-ed with myself, aka I wrote this visual novel-LOL. Because basically, that's what it felt like. XD Oh! Many thanks to Tear though, for writing Ele's part. ;w; Now with the new RP groups I joined I hope to recover and feel better and improve-lol! Or maybe now more people from SoC will get interested in Zayo and will want to rp with me~ *shot for dreaming too much*

And I got Dea's permission to use Deamond, oho-ho-ho~ :iconheplz: , but because I didn't want to make him too OOC, I didn't write him much. ;w; Next time I think I should make a game featuring Zayo and Luce just trolling Deamond and stuff-LOL.

And I guess...that's it! I hope you guys play and have fun and tell me what you think. :heart:

If you come across any bugs, problems or really embarrassing typos, please tell me ASAP! lil typos are ok, because I'm lazy and that's a free game for fun, deal with it~
© 2013 - 2021 psyAlera
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katsuomi's avatar
A bit late, but yesterday i downloaded this game for play it with a friend. I really have no idea of what was the game about, i tried it only because she tells me to do it. I love visual novels, so i said "why not?". I also love bunny boys, really, it should exist more in the world (? but that is other topic.

-Don't read, have spoilers(?-

My first impression was... i don't remember -bad memory pls-... but i choose a name of a character to answer like him would do it. I laughed because he always have bad luck, and... you know, he was lost with a stranger... a stranger who talks about dates in the first day you meet him. And that is strange XD

I achieve all the finals... I SUSPECTED HIM FROM THE BEGINNING(? He watches me a lot... and i am relieved that he didn't rape me or anything... well... it would not be so terrible if he had -insert yaranaika face here-. I get on well with him even if he was... a... liar killer yandere cute(? bunny. I like characters like that, even more if they have a story behind to explain his personality, at least a part of it. I almost cried with the extra... poor little bunny, i would hug you... only if you don't kill me, of course. You talk about being polite but... killing is not polite at all (???? XD

It was fun because i have a lot of options to choose... when Nao <3 -the name i used the first time- was in the restaurant i didn't know how to react... no for the food, but for say if it was nice, horrible, or what. I only have a picture behind to have an opinion xD

I didn't heard the music because i had mute. It was because it was too late... So i can't have an opinion of that. The backgrounds were simple but sympatic, i don't think that it is that important, because you are more attentive to the character and the story.

Why there wasn't a choice to stay with him... but like a... friend? CONFESS LOVE THAT FAST MADE ME LAUGH TOO XD First sight love, awww <3 (?? My friend and I also had a character with bunny ears too -there is an old draw in my DA- ... they also didn't like that people touch theirs tails... but i fell into temptation and i did it XD

When I finished it, i read comments and other things and i heard that it was in a roleplaying DA group *o* If all characters of visual novels exists in roleplays groups, i would be very happy... even if i don't talk english or japanese. Lot of stuff to read eue i have already stalked it a bit XDDD

In conclusion, i liked the game and Zayo -i have to go to sleep XD- and... I don't know if i can rp in english, but i can try eue If you want rp, contact me (? by private message and we will see where we will do it. It would be fun... He looks interesting. I read also the story of the war, because I had curiosity. I have to read it again...because i already forget it XD jaja

P.S: I said that i love bunnies? <3 And write a lot eue Sorry if i wrote something wrong, as i said, i don't speak in english. I was surprised when he acepted to wear the dress... but... he looked nice eue XD
psyAlera's avatar
I am really glad you liked the game and you even looked up Zayo as a character! If you have any additional questions, I'm happy to answer.

Yes, Zayo used to be part of a roleplaying group but the group's story reached an end and it's now closed. That's why I no longer RP using Zayo. However, I'm slowly working on an original universe involving him and it's ossible I'll make more games in the future!
katsuomi's avatar
I think that i don't have any other question for now~ -about the game, I mean- Maybe other day.

Oh, everything has an end -So, I won't have a possibility to bother the bunny, no? :c ... for now eue xD-. Does that mean that the war ended, that the group closed or that the group has periods and the characters change? I have been only in one roleplay group in DA, but it became inactive and I stopped posting there. I didn't look for another...but I rp in Skype or forums~ I don't usually design my characters -I have 4-5 OCs- but I create their personalities and stories with the appearance of an existing character. The people that create them from 0 are cool :B -My clothes sucks *cries*-.

Good luck with your project! I would like to see how it turns out <3 I would like to make a game some day too *u* and have fan arts like you(?

P.S: Poor Eleoe -I don't know if i wrote the name correctly- She wasn't a bear... XDDD
psyAlera's avatar
Yup, the war ended and now there's peace between the 3 factions~

Thank you! Good luck to you too if you ever end up working on a game~

And yeah, I know, Zayo really bullies poor Eleoe a lot XD
katsuomi's avatar
Yey~ They reached peace, that's good. Did Zayo do something for help? x,D

Thanks too~ But i still don't have any idea for the plot or the characters. I only know that i would like to draw the characters and backgrounds -i have to practice that XD- and that it would be original idea -not based on a serie or film-.

He bullies gods too XDD I don't know how he wasn't hit... compassion for the rabbits(?
psyAlera's avatar
Surprisingly, yes! He fought in the war and stuff. He actually believed in his God and commanders and just really wanted the war to end for the demons to be a free race. Which was achieved in the end. \O/ 

Oh don't worry, he's been in so much trouble for messing with higher-ups, it's unbelievable. XD There were people who used to bully him though! But can't say he didn't deserve it hah.
katsuomi's avatar
Wo, I would like to see that bunny boy showing me his combat movements (? he is not dead, so that means that he did it well. What did he used to fight? A sword?

Zayo, now you are free! run, jump, be happy! ... But is he free? I saw something -i don't remember clearly now- where he has been treated like a slave or a thing(? so i dunno how he is now,
i don't even know if he fell in love or not. Zayo and "x" sitting in a tree (8) ok no.

He was in a war, was in trouble, was in a forest and he is still alive... he has lucky,

in his own way.
I could hire him as a bodyguard and i would be inmortal(???
psyAlera's avatar
(Sorry for replying late!>_<)

His main weapon is a shovel. XD
Or for actual killing purposes he carries around hidden daggers \O/ I really can't see him wielding a sword or some serious weapon-lol. He didn't actually do that much fighting in the war, he was more concerned with surviving and making sure he gets out of it alive. He was still on the battlefield though, he didn't actually cower and hide xD

Ah, yes, he was a slave but for a very short time! And he wasn't a slave like, working in mines or something, he was just owned by someone for awhile. It was back when he was young and reckless-lol, and before he got corrupted and turned into a the monster he is now. 

I don't think he ever felt real love, but he did get quite close to one particular girl e v e And they may or may not have been engaged

Ahah, I think having him as a bodyguard would have the opposite effect, he'll try to get rid of you and do a terrible job on purpose-lol! 
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This was a pretty interesting game. I like the character a lot. Though the intro where Zayo laments being a killer and asks you to leave makes it pretty weird that they would act all normal afterwards. Or that the protagonist doesn't question Zayo when he says the berries are poisoned after making you eat them. Just a few inconsistencies.

PS: Zayo is lovely in a dress!

PSS: Is it wrong that I imagined the game as BL and not otome?
psyAlera's avatar
Thank you for playing, glad you found it interesting! I'm aware that there are some weird parts, it wasn't so easy writing all the variations of the game a

PS: Glad you think so! 8'D

PSS: Technically, you're not wrong to imagine that! I wrote the MC to be gender neutral so it can be either a guy or a girl or neither. It doesn't matter to Zayo because he feels no emotional attachment or physical attraction to the MC, it's just another victim to him and all he cares about is killing them. That's why there's a popular belief that Zayo is bi. Though in reality, he's actually into girls xD
MortalP's avatar
Another thing I kept imagining was how the events of the game would go if the protagonist was one of my characters. A few actually fell in the category of falling for it, but I could think of some who would totally be onto him. And then I found a handful who would totally turn the tables on him, and that sounded pretty funny to me, especially after seeing the extra scene.
psyAlera's avatar
Ahah, yes, that's indeed interesting! It's not hard to imagine for me either as Zayo used to be one of my active rp characters and I've had people wanting to recreate scenes similar to the game's ones to see what would happen if their characters were really there. Ah, it was fun times~ 
MortalP's avatar
I can imagine. I could see myself having a lot of fun with that myself. Especially if I used a cute killer of my own. Then the fun would truly begin!
Stelamata's avatar
I truly love your games they are so omfg PERFECT! I got all the endings tho.*happy* Love I am a dummy! 
Planning on making new games like these??? I'd like to ask if you can make a otome game with Free! Iwatobi SC..but don't wanna bother~
psyAlera's avatar
Thank you!!! I am really glad you enjoy my games~

I am working on a couple projects at the minute, I usually tweet or post polls about them so keep an eye for more! 

I think there already is a Free! otome though? I could do my own version but only if someone would pay me to do it as a commission or if there was a massive demand from lots of people. xD Otherwise I work on my original concepts~ 
Stelamata's avatar
No prob! Can't wait for your games!!
Yeah i understand you!Thanks anyway Bear Emoji-31 (Hello Hi) [V2] 
vn-lvr's avatar
i absolutely adore your gameS, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HARD WORK YOU PUT, I THOUGHT MAKE A VISUAL novel was easy. but i made a 5 minute long visual novel yesterday, it was my first. it took me more than 7 hours to finish, i can't even bring myself to imagine what kind of work and time you put in the game.  IT IS WONDERFUL. 
psyAlera's avatar
Waaah, thank you!!! Q//v//Q 

Yes, I put a lot of work into my games, I'm working on a couple projects right now and hopefully I'll have a new release soon! >v< 

But if you ever need help with making games/visual novels, I could point you to the right places to look at~ ^^
Giveavay's avatar
zayo you little jerk :iconcryforeverplz:

ending 1: telling me how boring I am
2: kill me while saying how it was going so well
3: telling me that he's better than me
4: crying because I left that jerk after being dumb and naive
5: staying,being dumb and naive.
and the special

I got everything!*^* this little..YOU’RE CUTE, BUT WHY ARE YOU BEING LIKE THIS :iconawwtearsplz: WHY?? :iconcutenessoverloadplz:
I was frustraded at first because I couldn't get all the endings.But then I read your hint :iconheplz:
I will dream about him now making him sane :iconyaominggifplz:.He's still a sweety....somehow BUT STILL!
Watch out for me zayo,watch out :icondoge2plz:
psyAlera's avatar
Waaah, thank you!!! /)///v///(\

Congrats on getting all the endings!

And let's say Zayo has just had a difficult childhood and some mental problems and yeah, messed up life =v=b

Good luck with that! XD 
MindlessPatch's avatar
Urgh.. I only managed to get 3 endings but it was still fun. The game was designed so well and even though he is a royal douche (that was constantly killing me or what seemed like attempting to poison me) I somehow managed to like him as a character haha. I did get the special scene .v. hehe and a different start. I read the hints but being mean gave me the same endings perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Maybe I'm just not capable of being cute and naïve haha c:
psyAlera's avatar
Wah, thank you!!! Glad you liked Zayo and had fun ;v; :iconlovelyheartsplz:

Do you want some more help with getting the rest of the endings?
MindlessPatch's avatar
Haha. He's a royal douche especially in the endings that I get but I still don't hate him... Strange person I am here.

Yes please if you don't mind •u•
psyAlera's avatar
xDD awww~

Ok, here are some more detailed tips: other than being cute and naive, you should always agree with him,buy him stuff *hintsweetshint*, never ignore him and ask him a lot of questions. Maybe that will help? ;v;
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