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Zayay [GAME]



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[Visual Novel][Romance?][Otome?][BxPlayer][Horror???]

Zayo Byron is the last person you want to meet while wandering around alone at night. Well, guess what fate has brought to you~

The game features:

1. Unique Play:
Every time you play Zayay you experience only about 25% of the game's full potential. The game uses a system that makes the game unique every time you play it, allowing you to experience a different 25% of it each time. Even if you try to replicate your previous playthrough and follow the exact same steps as last time, there would be always something different about it. The game always follows the main plotline, but little details change all the time making your experience unique every time.

2. ~10 000 words of dialogue:
Zayay consists of almost 10 000 words.(9,932 to be exact) But due to it's unique nature, you get to read only a portion of that during each playthrough.

3.About an hour of gameplay time:
Depending on your reading speed and the style of playing, if you like skipping or not, if you use saves or start a new game every time, this time my vary. But getting through the whole game just once usually takes about half an hour. To discover all the secrets, you might need a bit more~

4. Five different endings:
Zayay's ending is affected by the choices you make. There are five different endings you might get depending on how you acted during the game. There is no 'true' ending, but you can get a 'happy' ending, 'bad', 'boring' 'lies' and 'truths' endings. It's for you to decide which one is which.

5.Two secret beginnings:
If you're lucky enough, you might discover the secret beginnings! They don't affect your endings or main plotline, but you might find them interesting to read~

6.An Extra chapter:
Beat the game and get all the endings to unlock an extra chapter! Find out some of Zayo's secrets and discover his true self.

...wait, wha~?!

Have fun! <3

Character art,background art, GUI, writing, programming: psyAlera (Basically everything...except the music)
Music by Kevin MacLeod

Souls-of-Chaos, Deamond and Helia [c]Dea-89/Dx33x

Note: If you come across any bugs, problems or really embarrassing typos, please tell me ASAP! lil typos are ok, because I'm lazy and that's a free game for fun, deal with it~

Read more about the game here:

Any comments are really appreciated~ <3

1. If you're being really naive and cute, you can get Zayo to like you and this will lead you to 2 of the endings.
2. If you do the opposite, he'll be mean to you in the end and there you go, 2 more endings.
3. The 5th ending you can get no matter what you do.
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hi! im not sure how active you are but weather or not you see this i just wanted to say i LOVE this game its actually pretty good i found it while looking for horror games on and i tried it out, ive yet to get all ends in fact ive only gotten one ive played at least 10 times but i guess i need to be a bit more ballsy in my choises, im very intrigued by this game and i hope to find out more of the story and characters ( maily Zayo of course but thay cause hes the only chracter that fully shows up for more than 5 secs ) hopefuly i can find the other ending 
any way thats all from me im not quite sure if you'll ever read this or if you have interest in the topic of this game anymore but i felt like commenting anyway
sorry for any inconviniance i may have caused and i hope you have a nice day/night ^^