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SoC: Zayo Byron



Copy+paste from his old app PLUS some added info~


Warning! Some facts about this character may be a liiiil bit disturbing.

Name: Zayo Byron
Race: Demon Bunny
Age: Much older than he looks.
Height: 167cm
Personality: Don't get fooled by his cute look and bunny features. He's a demon after all. He loves using people and isn't bothered to throw them away like trash afterwards. Likes to lead people into dangers and ditch them there, running for his own life afterwards. Often pretends to be cute to make people like him. Lies with no shame and has a habit of cursing a lot, (but Alera kindly will censor the bad words-lol)
Pessimist, doesn't believe in anything.

Faction: Ares
Job: Gravedigger and bone seller
Weapon: Shovel
Skills: Even though Zayo usually runs away when things get bad and always tries to make others do his works for him, this doesn't mean that he's weak or can't fight. Just because he always attracts troubles, he actually had to learn to defend himself when he couldn't be fast enough to run. That's how he mastered his preferred weapon now- the shovel. He has excellent skills in swinging it.
Beside that, he can use a couple of minor spells based on dark magic. Because of his laziness and impatience to learn such a soft matter as magic, he dropped from learning it-he's not really good at what he knows.

If you ask Zayo about it, you may never know the truth. He tells different stories every time and just one person knows one that is very close to reality.
As a child, Zayo and his family, together with their whole demon bunny clan, were working as servants for Lord Reihar. He was sometimes assigning special tasks to some of his servants and was sending them to far away lands. Training them to be loyal to him and trust him from young, he was sending even children sometimes to do some of the easier tasks. That's how Zayo got his ticket to the outside world. He was sent together with some other children to deliver something small, but unexpectedly they got attacked and Zayo was the only one who survived. Perhaps because he didn't wait at all and just started running for his life as soon as he saw the danger. Then- he couldn't go back home, because he was afraid of Reihar and the punishment he could get. So he ran even further away. And by some accident he happened to be the new pet in the family of some angels...That's how Zayo meets Luce for the first time. He decided to hide there as a cute bunny but the girl found out about his secret. Both still children, Zayo- desperate to hide somewhere and Luce- a nice little girl, they decide to make a deal. The angel girl curses Zayo for her own protection but promises to hide him and keep his secret. The curse was that he would turn into his bunny form whenever his ears hear a certain phrase. And he had to stay like that for some time, until he can turn into human again.
After Luce's death, Zayo found that that his curse was still active. And he didn't like that at all. He went back to the lands of Ares, trying to find a way to lift the curse. That's how he got messed with necromancers. And he started working for them, finding bones and minor tasks like that. He tried learning a bit necromancy himself, but quickly gave up from the idea.
He lived a rather peaceful life for some time...until he met Luce again. And her new best friend- Sandro. They shamelessly destroyed his bone-shop and took him with them to Deamond's castle. Luce wanted to keep him as her pet again and they involved him in the army~

:bulletblack: New: Zayo didn't contribute too much to the war simply because he was forced into doing that and he didn't want to do it. Plus, he didn't really take it too seriously. About six months ago though, he suddenly disappeared. And there he is now, coming back, trying to be part of Ares again. What happened to him during these months is unclear, but his life has obviously changed now.
He owns a big bones shop in the center of Necropolis having customers from all over Ares. He has become a known bone dealer and this brings him quite a lot of money.
There's a change in his wardrobe as well, he dresses up more like a noble now, something that kind of fits his arrogance. His manners haven't changed too much though, he still swears and curses a lot, probably even more than before.
The people who are curious about how he actually started his business and how he became so successful all get different stories as an answer. One of them is that he found a huge and rare dragon skeleton and he managed to sell it for a lot of money. Another is that he tricked some stupid rich man by selling him an ordinary bone, saying that it contains powerful magic. He married a young pretty rich girl and then he killed her and took all her money? Or there's an exciting story about how he started gambling, how everything went down, he was desperate, but then he gave everything he had and...he won. Which one of these is the true story is unknown. Go ask him for yourself and you might find out something more.

(With comments)
- Food
- Especially carrots.
"That's not true!!! I hate these stupid things!"
- Bones, skeletons and skulls.
"It's my job to deal with them after all. I wouldn't choose a work I don't like."
- Mass graves.
"It means less work! So annoying to dig graves separately and deal with coffins and such"
- Ancient treasures.
"They're like the little prizes when you open a box of cereals!"
- Necromancers and crazy scientists
"They're my best customers after all!"
- Lying and fooling people.
"It's their own fault for being so stupid."
- Bothering, bugging and disturbing people.
"It's just fun to see their reactions."
- Luce
"Hey?! From where did you got that sick idea?!"

(With comments)
- Undertakers.
"I hate them. They do the opposite of what -I- do! Burying dead people underground which I have to dig after that!"
- Zombies, mummies and all sort of things that are supposed to be dead, but-they're not.
" *shudders* That's...cheating! Dead things should stay dead!"
- Couples
"They should just go and die!!!"
- Valentines day
"Just the worst day ever!"
- Being a bunny
"You have no idea how hard it is to be one, do you?"
- Luce
"Aha! That's the right place for this witch!"
"I don't care if he's already dead, I'll kill him again! And bury his bones myself so I could take them out then and throw them to the dogs!"

Random facts:
- Yup, Zayo could turn into a real bunny too. Which he really hates, but sometimes- tries to get advantage like that because he knows that he's cute-lol.
- The fact that he can turn into a bunny is actually his greatest secret.
- Even though he has been born as a servant, he claims to be a noble and expects respect.
- The feather he carries around is one he actually stole from Luce's wings and almost got killed for it.
- And just an advice: Better keep your chara way from him. lol
More stuff to be added- a lil later.

Full pic:
Old app:

Zayo,story and art[c]*psyAlera

Zayo otome game, here!!!

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Whaaaaaaaaaaa~ Maybe It's kind of rude what I say but I happy that I found "his game" just now... It was actually time to fresh up my scary side of my brain XD haaah~ I know it's rude but I wonder what would be like if he would meet my characters~ Heh~ Sooo much yandere~ XD