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Miku: Fish festival

Commissions [OPEN!] Starting at 1$How to order:
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5. After I receive the money, I'll continue my work till it's done.
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I think it's been ages since my last Vocaloid fanart! And I've gotten quite behind on the latest news, totally lost count of the Vocaloids, I remember when they were only 7? *not counting the first English ones* XD Now I don't know, but I'm still a fan of the old classics, Miku included of course. She's a sweet girl to draw. >w<

And amg, I'm so happy with how this turned out! *^* I think it's one of my best drawings so far~ It was such a simple idea, but then whoah, some magic happened with the colouring! I tried some new things and I tried to keep the lighting in mind at least a bit /o/ *yes, the fish are glowing btw XD* Some parts of the hair were a bit hard to control and I had to do them again and again, but I like how it turned out in the end~
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Over the summer I think I forgot just how beautiful your art is, this is really nice, the lighting and mood are really calming, and the style is very defined.
psyAlera's avatar
Whoah, thank you!!! ^^
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hmn... the fish is beautiful, and I like the colors. However, (please do not take it the wrong way) I think you need to practice drawing bodies more. relying on the paint alone can only go so far. practice drawing the body parts I guarantee you'll get better. also try to go into a little more detail with the hair, you dont need to kill it with hair strands just play with the paint till its smooth. thats really all the tips I can give you oh one more, practice. lol never hurt anybody
psyAlera's avatar
Thank you
Please, don't talk like I don't practice, getting better is a slow process and this is just my current level, I won't magically get from the bottom to the top in one try. Thank you for the rest of the tips.
FayLeif's avatar
I understand that a lot. I too am in a growing process. However, I wasn't trying to sound rude or mean or pick at you at all. that was not my intention. I was merely giving you pointers and places that you can focus on to improve. also you have the option of refusing my tips and ignoring it, I'm not demanding that you do so please do not get defensive, I had no intention of making you feel less of an artist. Keep practicing you will get tons better. 
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That's alright, thank you for taking your time to look and comment on my art~
FayLeif's avatar
not a problem anytime just ask (if you want to that is) :)
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Cute fish in the bag! :heart:
It reminds me when I had a goldfish for... two days for an art exam. I took it back to the pet store afterward! xD They had even lent me a small aquarium to fit in my project!

Haha! xD I lost count as well of the number of vocaloids! xD
I actually forgot some of their names. ^^;
psyAlera's avatar
Aww! I've never had fish, I find them pretty, but kind of boring. XD *shot!*

Yeah @A@ I even gave up from catching up already, I'll just stick to the old ones  XD
kowai-usagi's avatar
You're welcome!
Haha! xD My uncles and grandpa has fishes. But not goldfishes, those bright colored small fishes in big water tanks. x3
Goldfishes are hard to maintain as well... From the experience of one of my former neighbor.

I'll stick with those I know as well! xD
I'm more in random Utauloids than Vocaloids now! xD
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oh my goshhhhh *//q//* I love the colouring and the shading so much--!!
psyAlera's avatar
Ah, thank you! >w</ :heart:
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You're welcome :3
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Great work!

Love it ♥
psyAlera's avatar
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I LOVE this! Your coloring style has suddenly exploded, it's so amazing! *o* I love the hair, the shading and her eyes are so lovely. And that fish is so cute!
psyAlera's avatar
Thank you! >w< I really tried ;w; :heart:
MMMMM2MMMMM's avatar
She's soo cute in your art style!! Waah!!
psyAlera's avatar
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